Small, happy and currently... #2

Happy Monday everyone! Another week closer to Christmas! (Sorry I'm not sorry..) here's what I've been loving, doing, lots of other verb-ing recently!

Eating: Muller light greek yoghurts, in all flavours (apart from toffee, too far for me).  They are all soooo delicious. I like to eat them and imagine I look like Nicole Scherzinger whilstdoing it. Although sadly I feel like I'm not quite mullerlicious yet seeing as I'm usually eating them slouched on the sofa with my dressing gown on.  Like right now...mmm raspberry...

Reading: North and South (still!) but also the new Christmas Cosmo with the one and only T Swift on the cover!

Watching: Homeland. Thinking: WTF Carrie?!

Wanting: to start getting seriously festive. The Buble album is itching to come out!

Hoping: for some permanent jobs teaching in my area to come up, fingers crossed.

Deciding: to be as positive as possible, count my blessing not my burdens etc.

Doing: a TON of exercise, between Zumba, step class and this weekend's hour and a half walk I'm feeling pretty fit!

Buying: people's Christmas presents, it's happening, I am getting organised.

Looking forward to: going back home to Sheffield in a few weeks to see the Northern ballet's version of Cinderella at the Lyceum. It's set in Imperial Russia people, think of the costumes!

What are you all up to at the minute? Anything exciting (other then Christmas obvs!) on the horizon?

Hope you've all had a nice, happy Monday, the week only gets better from here!


  1. I need to get cracking! I'm trying to savour it over the festive period haha! Xx


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