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In case no one's realised from my last couple of posts I have discovered the app PicCandy haha! Creating the above picture (basically a 6 year old's doodle!) gave me much joy while I was lying in bed this morning too ill to get up! 

Anyway, I feel like I achieved and did a lot in January and I think it's because I really sat down and thought about what I wanted from those four weeks. As such, I'm going to do that again this month! February is such a crazy period because time just flies, those few little missing days that make the month shorter seem to make a world of difference! 

So to make this February fabulous I plan to:

*Play the host. This weekend we're expecting a visit from Boyfriend's parents which will be nice and we might even be cooking for them. This is a time to test the culinary skills! Although to be fair his parents are the most unfussy, easy going people when it comes to food and to quote Boyfriend 'we could serve then dried pasta and they'd eat it happily' so I think our food will pass the test!

*Play the host x2. One of my best uni friends is coming to stay in February and I can't wait for her to come! We'll just chill out, watch movies and just catch up and enjoy each other's company. It'll be so nice having that time together one on one which I don't think we've had for literally years! Plus I'd like to convince her to move to England so I shall be pulling out all of the Manchester/Cheshire stops!

*Go to a spa. I have a voucher that I got for my birthday almost two years ago that literally needs to be used PRONTO. If I lose my free massage privileges I will be devastated. These knots aren't going to loosen themselves! So, I am going to use half term to head back home to Sheffield and use the voucher for the spa there, Spa 1877. It's absolutely beautiful there and I am really looking forward to booking a treatment and just having some total relaxation time. I think I'll try and book it for the Monday. Everything always feels extra decadent when you're doing it at a time when you'd normally be working, don't you think?

*Go and see The Lion King. Boyfriend and I have tickets to see the show in Manchester and I can't wait. I haven't seen it for years and years and can barely remember it and he's never seen it on stage so this will be fab!

*Celebrate Valentine's Day-froyo style! We don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's day. We've never been ones for big material gestures and having spent so much of our relationship in long distance due to our university choices we are more used to planning special things to do together. Just seeing each other when you've been apart for weeks was wonderful enough without the need for presents and other splurges! So to that end we'll do what we have always done which is get each other a card and just make a point of doing something we love together (usually this involves nandos..) This year boyfriend suggested going for froyo (which is my all time, number one favourite thing) at our favourite place, Frurt in Prestwich in Manchester. The reason this one tops them all is because it's self service! As in like 8 different flavours and all the toppings you could want and you can just go to town and get as much as you would like (and I do, and then some) Last time my froyo ended up costing a tenner (it's calculated by weight...dangerous, I know) and I'm sure as it's a special occasion I'll make sure I hit that mark again!

* Go bowling! I wanted to do this last month as part of my 'do something different' pledge but we kept putting it back for various reasons so we're hoping to go one weekend this month. There's some really cool places in Manchester that offer it, it's not just Hollywood bowl streaming with kids anymore! Bowling gotten edgy!

*Celebrate Chinese New Year! Obviously I am not Chinese, however I love the Asian culture and one of my best friends in Chinese so I've always had a penchant for all things Oriental. I'm especially fascinated by their new year's celebrations. As Manchester has one of the biggest Chinese communities in the UK (think it's the largest outside of London but don't quote me on that!) the celebration here is a big deal. It starts on the 19th Feb and carries on through the weekend with a big parade on the 22nd complete with street food, a Chinese dragon and lots of music and performances. I really can't wait! I think this will be fantastic and something completely different. I love that Manchester is such a melting pot and I really want to try and experience as many different cultures and events as possible.

*Go to the cinema again! This was something that really made me happy in January and I am definitely going to keep this up. I'm think American Sniper next!

So all in all, looking at that list, bowling, Chinese dragons, hosting, massages, cinema trips etc. It's looking to be a quite diverse and exciting month, I almost don't know how I'll fit it all in, especially with that little, niggly thing called work! 

How's your February looking? Are you glad to see the back of January or was it a really good month for you? 

Let me always, I'm desperately nosy! 

Have a lovely week :)

Sophia x


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