Small, happy and ASOS wishlisting!

As you know I'm not a hugely bothered fashionista by any stretch. I don't follow trends or read fashion magazines. However I am a girl, and a girly girl at that and so I am no more immune to the lure of some beautiful clothes (especially summery, pastel ones!) than the next!

ASOS is one of my faves. It's the only place I really shop online because I never seem to have sizing issues like I do with other stores.  I put together this little wishlist a while ago so after checking today I noticed that my size have already gone but I'm hoping that they'll restock! *crosses fingers*

1. I love this floral print dress firstly, I have a wedding coming up (next year haha!) and in case you can't tell I am desperate to have an event to buy a dress for and I think this would be perfect.

2. Summer is coming and I am all over the clothes, this playsuit would be such a cute cover up for lazy beach days.  This is one that's already gone in my size so ASOS if you're reading PLEASE get this back in size 6!!

3. This is an SATC worthy skirt if I ever saw one but it just is so pretty and ballerina-esque I couldn't resist adding it to the list.

4. This is just the most beautiful, Disney princess dress ever.  I need it.  For no other reason that it is the most pretty thing I may have ever seen. 

5. Again, another cutesy summery dress and I love the pastel colour.  I could just see myself wearing this with the Sun blazing down (obviously I'm not imagining myself in the UK in this scenario!)

6. A bit different from the rest, this is a nice simple, clean dress and I don't really have anything striped so I'd quite like to change that and get a little Parisian Spring vibe going on!

Where do you love shopping online?  What's on your ASOS wishlist at the minute?  I know you have one too!

Lots of love to you lovelies!  Have a brilliant weekend!

Sophia :) xxxx


  1. Ohh that first dress is so perfect! <3

  2. Oh I know right?! So summery and girly! Xxxx

  3. I always like ASOS too! These are all such pretty picks! I love the striped dress especially.

    Miranda xxx

    1. It's the best online clothes site I think! Just wish it was as cheap as some of the other ones! Yeah I've definitely got my eye on the striped dress, it's just so classy!

      Sophia :) xxx


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