Small and Happy's 40 questions tag!

So we have finally touched back down on British soil with two big cases of jet lag, two even bigger cases of laundry but a whole host of wonderful memories and so much to talk about! With previous jet lag state in mind plus my boyfriend hasn't uploaded photos yet I thought I'd post this fun tag I saw to tide things over until then! 

I saw this on one of my favourite blogs Little Glitter and I just knew I had to do it! If you don't know Amber's blog go and check it out, her blog's brilliant and she's a fellow Disney fanatic like me! 

Anyway, here are my answers, what a fun tag to do, if you do this let me know I love posts like this, I am the ultimate nosy person...

 Three words about me: determined, positive, caring. 2. The first thing I do in the morning: stretch and wish I'd slept in more, constant early bird! 3. When I hear music on the radio: I sing along or think eh?! I'm so old and behind on music now! 4. I'm looking forward to: getting back to home comforts after this amazing trip abroad. 5. My wardrobe is full of: simple basics, and a lot of skater skirts! 

6. When I have to get dressed up: I LOVE it and always want to buy a new dress off ASOS. The only time I enjoy shopping. 7. I am passionate about: education (kinda my job), equality and Disney! 8. A little secret about me: I'm a secret over thinker. People think I'm so chilled about stuff when most the time I've thought a lot about each scenario. 9: I feel best about myself when: I've had a good day at work or with loved ones. 10. In the coffee shop I order: green tea or a skinny capp with sugar free caramel (yep, I'm that girl, but for real sugar free caramel is the business!) 

An example of me in the aforementioned 'simple basics' although I should mention that if it's summer everything I wear will be paired my ray bans! Because they were hella expensive and I'm getting my money's worth. Plus they make me me feel a million times more glamorous, always a plus.

11. In the bar I order: vodka diet coke, with lots of lime! . 12. In a group of friends I am: the one telling some crazy funny story about something or other. 13. Within the family, I am: the positive problem solver. 14. I can not live without: Disney, my family and friends. 15. Children are: the reason for living for me, I can't wait until I can have kids! 

16. At night I: usually get up multiple times for a bathroom break, 80 year old woman much? 17. In my bag I have: my Kate Spade purse (my love), phone, hand sanitizer, lip balm, various receipts and other things I should throw away! 18. Training is: more likely to look like Zumba for me. 19. Policies are: not always correct but are vital in society.

Ultimate Disney fan, this is currently the background on my phone and to get this picture I photographed my sister's calendar. Dedication to the mouse house? I think so. 

20. Love is: what makes everything else worthwhile. 1. In Autumn I'll pray for it to be warm a little longer. 22. By my bedside I have: a huge pile of books and my cute unicorn jewellery dish. 23. In the kitchen I: love cooking new recipes with my boyfriend and flicking through my many cookbooks (bought far too many this year!) 24. I'm worst at: being patient with slow walkers. 25. I'm best at: listening to people, giving advice and being a positive Polly! 

26. I love: lots of things but mostly I just love the life I am carving out for myself in Cheshire. 27. What I want with my life: to continue to develop my career in many different ways and to have a large, loving family with lots of kids!  28. I admire: anyone who's doing their best. 29. The best thing I know: this too shall pass.


Perks of the job.

30. Unusual habit: I eat a lot of carrots. As in a lot. Daily. I also warm them up in the microwave before eating them, tell me that's not unusual ha! 31. I am a member of: the national teachers' union. 32. I believe in: karma. 33. You may not know that: I have a birthmark shaped like a paw print, it's so cool! 34. In the evening I: either go to the gym, call my family or cook tea and have Netflix sessions with my boyfriend! 35. As a friend, I am: a pretty good one. 

36. When I have free time: I read blogs/books, catch up on TV and make exciting plans. 37. When I'm at work: I am constantly dashing around doing a million and one things/dealing with difficult situations. And pretty much loving every minute! 38. You're allowed to lie if: it's a little white lie, do it all be time, sorry! 39. In five years I am: hopefully married with a baby or with a baby coming in the near future. 40. In ten years I am: looking forward to seeing what life holds, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Although...once you've stayed in THE Pinterest infinity pool, surely the only way in life is down?! Hoho... Get it? Because it's high up? it seemed funny to me at the time, but like I said: jet lag.

So there it is, a little bit more about me, like I said please let me know if to be don a similar tag, this level of self disclosure should definitely be a two way street! 

Lots of love and smooches,


Small, happy and celebrating you guys!!

Sorry for the blurred photo (photography pro I am not) but here I am jumping for joy at having reached 50 followers! 

*whips out an old cheer routine beach skde*

Now this makes me as pleased as if that figure was 50,000 and here's why: I don't update much (my all consuming career holds me back sometimes), I don't post routinely or on a schedule and as previously mentioned and evidenced, I don't take photographs like the next Annie Leibowitz! These are all things 'successful' bloggers do so the fact hat you guys follow what I do in spite of all that makes me feel really humble.

On that note, I have been spurned on and inspired recently so I am going to make a valiant effort to post more. A) because I enjoy it and b) because some of guys must enjoy it too!

So thanks! It's been a slow and steady start this here blogging journey, but I'm determined to keep riding it and giving it more of my all!

I would also like to thank a couple of bloggers out there that I follow and who I know follow me, your blogs are a massive inspiration and I feel so excited that you guys read this little space here too!

As many hugs and kisses as I can get across the interweb,

Sophia xxxx

Small, happy and in PARADISE.

Just a few snaps from what is surely the most beautiful, breathtaking place I have ever been: Boracay Island in the Philippines.

I never, ever want to leave.

We're actually leaving tomorrow after two days here by I'm sticking my head in the stunning, white sand and not thinking about it.

These are the days we work for, these are the days we live for.

Sophia xxx

Small, happy and touching down in Hong Kong!

Hello there!!

So here I am again, the wonderful, magical, dazzling place that is Hong Kong. It is as busy as it is beautiful and because our room is the size of a box (as in I'm 5ft and can touch both ends of the room....) we are spending the smallest amount of time in the hostel as possible! 

This means boo for updating on here but yay for lots of sight seeing which I suppose is a good thing as I'm loving being able to share this place with boyfriend. We're only here for two days so we gotta hustle Asian style! Seriously, they walk with purpose here, I love it, they get shit done! Boyfriend with his English ways keeps bumbling and getting left behind, it's hilarious.

Until I can't see him, I can worrying he's been 'taken'! Ridiculous, I know,

Anyway, less on that, I mostly wanted to drop in and say hi and I'm sure we'll be able to have a nice catch up on the next more relaxing leg of our tour, Boracay in the Philippines!

Has anyone been to the Philippines? If you have what can I expect? Where would be on your Asia bucket list? What have you been up to this summer? 

Sophia :) xxxx

Small and Happy's Singapore snaps!

Hello there! I am currently alive so I'm sorry for the lack of updates it's just I am currently busy being kept up by jet lag in the wonderful Singapore! 

This is the first leg of mine and my boyfriend's tour of South East Asia and for some reason he has adapted to the new time zone perfectly whereas I...well let's just say I'm glad I have my bloglovin feed!

So whilst tossing and turning in my humid bed (painting a nice picture for you, non?) I thought, 1am seems like a perfect time to update you guys on what we've been up to these four or so days that we have been here! In photo form obviously because four nights on with no sleep is starting to seriously affect my linguistic capabilities...

The famous and exclusive Raffles hotel where we obviously did not stay (cough *I wish, sorry hostel* cough)

But where we DID go for the equally famous Singapore sling. Gin does terrible and humiliating things to me (some other time guys...) so boyfriend finished this off, however I did love peeling the peanuts. Did you know the floor in the Long bar at Rafflea is covered in peanut shells? You're actually meant to throw them on the floor after eating the nuts, no joke. I promise. It felt so counter intuitive and daring just chucking then on the ground. I really enjoyed it!

Living it up wild style here in Asia I tell you.

We also hit up Singapore's botanic gardens and visited their beautiful orchid garden. I took waaaay too many photos of flowers but they're my absolute favourite so I just couldn't resist! 

We also nipped over to Legoland Malaysia which made boyfriend grin like a mad English man all day and we saw Lego versions of some amazing Asian landmarks. Seriously? How good is this? No need to trek to India now...

Their snack game was also very strong and I was immensely pleased with my pot of sweetcorn as an afternoon pick me up. Like I said, crazy teacher on tour...

I even came away with some new friends. #squadgoals

Back in Singapore we popped into to a cat cafe where once again I was reminded that animals simply do not like me as much as I like them. This gorgeous chinchilla Persian was totally above giving anyone any attention, she was the sassiest cat ever and knowing cats and their attitudes like we humans do, that's saying something. The woman even had to bring her special cat food because 'she won't eat it if she thinks it's been out too long' seriously, the Mariah Carey of the feline race.

And finally to finish off this update here is a shot of the lovely SG at night. I tell you, no matter where you go in the world, being to eat outside by the water with loved ones is always going to be one of the top experiences :) but saying that, this is a pretty perfect spot to do so.

Getting emotional in my tired state, my bad. 

Anyway, I'm off to toss and turn some more (ever the sleep optimist!) but how are you all doing? And welcome to the newbies, please say hi!!

Have ever of you been to SE Asia? Any favourite places?

Lots of love, 
Sophia :) xxxx

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