Small, happy and currently...

Helloooooo? Anyone still there?! Ever so sorry for the absence, teachers out there, you'll get me! 

Here's what is currently floating my boat/a general life catch up! 

Watching: Love Island- a friend got me addicted but I have no shame! I love watching couples because as a psychology graduate I find people fascinating! It's like a sexy social experiment.

Craving: time off! 

Booking: lots of different flights, hostels etc for our big America trip coming up this summer!!

Buying: too many books, no change there.

Counting down to: pay day! See above.

Loving: Alpro's cashew milk, what they can do to nuts is neverending ha!

Binging: new Orange is the new black episodes, wasn't too keen on the other season but loving this one!

Remembering: my friend's wonderful wedding last month, the photos still make me smile!

Feeling: sad about the referendum, as the child of an immigrant I feel let down by some people's attitudes. Had to mention it! 

So that's a little window into my crazy life recently, how are you all?! 

Sophia :) 
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