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Small and Happy's five for Friday!

Hands up who else is glad that it's the weekend? It's just been crazy busy for me and I for one am so glad that it's now done and dusted! I saw this idea on the wonderful Dorkface's blog and I thought I would give it a whirl on here!

So here's my five for Friday :)

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1) A lie in tomorrow!
2) Half term starting next week.
3) Having a delicious dinner date with my boyfriend tonight.
4) Making some more travel plans.
5) Booking theatre tickets with my work friends

Five things I'm loving right now:
1) Amy Poehler's Yes Please.
2) Making a Murderer.
3) Rewatching Parenthood.
4) My Lush bath bombs (hence the beautiful picture)
5) The fact that it's getting lighter in the mornings!

Five women I love:
1) Mila Kunis.
2) Vanessa Hudgens.
3) Emma Stone.
4) Ashley Olsen.
5) Kate Middleton.

Five places I want to go:
1) Japan
2) California
3) Australia
4) Santorini
5) Morocco.

Five favourite books:
1) Harry Potter.
2) The Princess Diaries series (always and forever!)
3) Gone with the Wind.
4) The Luminaries.
5) Noughts and Crosses.

I love doing little lists like this! Does anyone else do this? Any one else love Dorkface's blog?! 

Have a lovely weekend all!

Sophia :) xxxx

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