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Small and Happy's Valentine's snapshots!

So this Valentine's weekend we popped on down to London to see some family and just do a little shopping and what not. 

It's always nice to go but always nice to leave and get back to the normal prices of the north! 

We don't usually make a big deal of Valentine's in terms of gifts (as in any!) however since we had four years of long distance we are used to using Valentine's to make sometime together and do something special! So even now we see each other all the time every day we still like to take the chance to do something a little different and solely about the two of us!

Anyway, here's a few snapshots of our short time there :)

Some beautiful tulips in a lovely corner shop. My only flowers of the weekend ha!

Got to pop and see good old Billy Shakespeare while you're in town. Made me want to watch Shakespeare in Love as always! 

No trip is ever complete without a visit to the Disney store, especially when they have the country specific toys. These regal Minnies were too cute!

Isn't this to die for? It was all illustrated inside, my powers of willpower were strongly tested here!

I did pick up an adorable souvenir in the form of this Moomins magnet, so cute!

I love these untranslatable words from other countries so I was thrilled to see that they have a book version, an excellent coffee table addition...if I was the kind of person that had coffee table books. One day!

And here we all are, me, my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend, the next generation!

Oh and don't forget me! Okay then, I also made anther friend in the form of this adorable bunny in the Disney shop from the upcoming Zootopia! Very excited for this, if you haven't heard of it. Watch the trailer! 

How was everyone else's Valentine's/Galentines day?!

Sophia xxx

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