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Small, happy and loving...the tangle teezer!

Now this is not a beauty blog and it never will be. Just getting that off my chest! I literally don't change my make up ever so it'd be pretty boring for you to read for the umpteenth time how much I love L'Oreal's million lashes mascara (although I do, I REALLY do). 

However, I have to use the little space I have to convince all of you out there that you need a tangle teezer! Unless you're lucky enough to be able to work a pixie cut for the majority of us we need to brush our hair and this little gem is our answer sent from above. Yes, I'm aware I'm being hyperbolic but you have to try this bad boy out. Get your own here!

I have seriously long hair and brushing for me was always a chore and took me so long. Especially after the shower, you feel me ladies?! Long haired gents? 

Now, I bought my tangle teezer on a whim (I couldn't resist the pastely goodness) hoping that it might be a slight improvement to my regular brush and knowing that at the very least it would look cute. What I wasn't expecting was how amazing it would be!

I still to this can't believe how short a time to takes to brush my hair now and I don't have the painful knots and pulls!

If I convince one of you lovelies to go out and treat your tresses to a smoother ride then I'll feel like this post was a success!

Having said all that, am I preaching to the choir! Do you all already use tangle teezers? I personally have a soft spot for the Shaun the sheep one!

Do you have any other tips for hair cate?

Lots of love,

Sophia :) xxxx

Small, happy and recently pinned: Hair porn!

So much hair porn! I can't deal! I love pinterest so much (follow me here if you'd like over obsessive pinning of food, disney and travel!) and here are just some of the pins I've discovered recently in the hair department! 

I have had long, brown hair since forever. I went through a 'ooh I want highlights' phase circa Marissa Cooper and The OC time, but that's about as crazy as it got, unlike Marissa herself... I'm a Taurus, we don't love change, and not to toot my own horn or anything but I love my hair. So I say, if it ain't broke yadiyadeh (whoa, how do you spell that?!) 

However, despite saying I do still love getting dreamy eyed over different colours and lengths and styles of locks. In particular the hair of the beautiful beautiful blogger Cara Loren (see large photo) has ways been a major source of hairspiration (sure, let's make it a word!) if you don't know who she is check her out here .You will fall completely in love with her fashion, hair and her stunningly attractive (and well dressed!) family.

Do you pin like a maniac? If you do link me to your page? I'm always looking for new foodie/travel/cute babies/wedding boards to follow. As for those last two, I am neither pregnant nor engaged, it's just that somedays I'm just a massive big, girly girl who loves planning weddings and imagining babies. Go figure! 

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing,

Chat soon!

Sophia x
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