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Small, happy and saying goodbye to January (already!)

I feel like this wonderful quote by Nelson Mandela pretty much sums up how I felt about January 2014.  I had a full month of placement in school to look ahead to, lots of planning, late night, nervy observations and some cold, dark nights.  I would also be away from my boyfriend, friends and family pretty much doing it on my own.

However, January I can honestly say has FLOWN by and, like most things in life, has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

Happy January things!

*I have managed to go home every weekend, getting back to your support system (aka my Mummy!) helps so much.

*I have been reading more, Harry Potter et l'orde du phenix and The Princess Bride.

*I have been devouring season 4 of Grey's Anatomy, new episodes of Nashville, The Mindy Project and loving Channel 4's The Taste whenever I have had some tv time.


*Hostels are all sorted for RIO (pass the caipirinha!!) in July for the World Cup!  Now to start thinking about our stop after, any beach recommendations in the Rio area would be appreciated!

*I have planned a weekend in Liverpool in February (my beautiful and definitely missed uni city) with my boyfriend and I will hopefully see some uni besties too.

*I have (through the powers of persuasive email writing) managed to get my next placement in Sheffield so I will be closer to home and away from noisy halls of residence people as of March!
*I have gotten back into doing zumba and LBT every weekend which has made me feel great!

So, as I always said, this month would seem impossible until I'd gotten through it (ery positive I know) but now looking back it has flashed by and I've really enjoyed it.  No other month will be as full on in school and in two weeks I'll be leaving and back into the uni swing of essays and lectures and pointless seminars and part of me thinks, BRING IT ON.  Any situation that means I can start my day at 9 and finish it at 4 is suddenly extremely appealing.

But, I cannot get ahead of myself, I still have two weeks left, just two weeks left of planning and sorting and everything before I have a nice 'break' so I just need to keep going, decide to smash it and do my absolute best and enjoy every minute, because if this is how fast 2014 is going to go, it'll be summer before we know it! 

Anyone else felt their January has gone quickly?  Or has it dragged for you?  Perhaps for people braving dry January it might have been a slow one!

Sophia x
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