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Small, happy and currently...

Helloooooo? Anyone still there?! Ever so sorry for the absence, teachers out there, you'll get me! 

Here's what is currently floating my boat/a general life catch up! 

Watching: Love Island- a friend got me addicted but I have no shame! I love watching couples because as a psychology graduate I find people fascinating! It's like a sexy social experiment.

Craving: time off! 

Booking: lots of different flights, hostels etc for our big America trip coming up this summer!!

Buying: too many books, no change there.

Counting down to: pay day! See above.

Loving: Alpro's cashew milk, what they can do to nuts is neverending ha!

Binging: new Orange is the new black episodes, wasn't too keen on the other season but loving this one!

Remembering: my friend's wonderful wedding last month, the photos still make me smile!

Feeling: sad about the referendum, as the child of an immigrant I feel let down by some people's attitudes. Had to mention it! 

So that's a little window into my crazy life recently, how are you all?! 

Sophia :) 

Small and Happy's Instagram round up!

I am currently in bed watching Romeo and Juliet (how did I forgot how beautiful and angelic 90s Leo is?!) so my current activity is presently a big fat zero.

However, I have been a busy bee recently so I thought I would round up what I've been doing through my Instagram! 

1. My tree, isn't she pretty?! I have had her up proudly since the end of November and I am loving the twinkly lights every evening when it's dark outside.

2. Standard blogger Lush shot. I want the sparkly star and I don't care that I am a full blown adult.

3. One of the best things about Christmas is surely all the shop displays, no? This beauty was spotted in Altrincham.

4. Some amazing Christmas card envelopes decorated by hand by my very talented friend!

5. Found a Sailor Venus comic. Didn't buy it. This story has a sad ending.

6. PJ day a few weeks ago for Children In Need, hands down the comfiest Friday ever.

7. Hunger Games!! I waited so long for this one and it did not disappoint.

8. A recent wonderful sleepover with my sister. My best friend :)

9. The Trafford Centre managing to look Christmassy despite the palm trees?!

Anyway, there's a little snapshot into my life at the minute. I just love Instagram and I would love to follow more people so please leave your usernames below! Mine is @sophiacristina is anyone wants to follow on! 

How are we all? Hope you're having s lovely weekend and you're not caught out in the rain!

Sophia xxx

Small, happy and the perfect sleepover!

So I basically had a perfect weekend. Or more specifically, the perfect sleepover.

 I didn't think this would be possible since I had to have my wisdom tooth out on Friday (spoiler alert-it's not that bad!) but to make myself feel less nervous I had arranged for my lovely sister to come and sleep over on Saturday.

Luckily she came and I was relatively pain free so I was very excited for some sister sister time! The candles were burning, the heating was on and the tree was twinkling away, the perfect setting for a girly night in. 

We started the evening beautifully with two large mugs of green tea and a good dose of catching up. She's currently in her third year so it's great for her to have some time out to really relax. Don't you just love those chats that go on and on forever? 

Between chatting we had some food, (soup for me and my tooth!) and several of M&S's fancy dips alongside other treats for her!

We also watched Love Actually which gave me all the feels and then we cuddled up in bed! Tell me someone else out there spoons their siblings like they're still kids?! I don't care if not because she's literally my bestie, I'll spoon her til we're seventy and I don't care who knows it! :)

It completely revitalised both of us to have some quality time together (as well as a massive sleep!) and we topped it off with eating porridge this morning and watching The Holiday. 

Starting the morning with Jude Law, now that's always going to be a great Sunday!

How were your weekends? What's your perfect sleepover look like?

Sophia xxx

Small and happy's 5 happy things this week!

So firstly, check out this sunset?! This was on Friday and it was more than a little beautiful, reminds me of the sunsets in the Philippines. 

Now, I was kind of glad to see the back of this week if I'm honest purely because work was so full on and I had general PMS pains (ladies you feel me!) but despite that there are always, always good things to take from every week so here's 5 things that made me smile.

1) My mum staying with us. She's been attending a big conference here in Manchester so each evening I've been able to see her which has been lovely.

2) Messages from my sister in New York. It's amazing to hear all about what she's been up to and experience it all through her! Slightly jealous of her NYC haul though, not going to lie!

3) Once Upon A Time. I'm so obsessed with it and I am currently on the fourth episode of the day!

4) Movie nights. Boyfriend suggested we watch Paddington and I was totally up for it! It was a lovely, happy and uplifting film and it was a nice change from The X  Files marathons we've been having (equally just as fun!)

5) A fun day of dress up at work. Being a teacher means there's a lot of themed days and on Friday we had to dress up as something to do with the airport, so I chose an air hostess! It was so fun and I loved being able to satisfy a little childhood dream...

I realise I usually do 10 happy things and I'm sure there's more but I have a hormone headache and I'm too engrossed in Netflix to think of anymore! #realblogger

How are your Sundays going my lovelies? Any want to link me to some good blog posts??

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small and Happy's top 5 Netflix choices!

Firstly, Happy Halloween everyone! However, I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is a spooky post, it's not. It's an obsessional one!

With the joy of half term (thank you career life choice) I have had some rare time to treat myself to some Netflix and chill sessions. I have discovered several new addictions so I thought I'd round up some of my recent watches in case anyone is searching for anything new to watch. Quick disclaimer though, these can all be found on American Netflix or your normal streaming sites! 

1. Once Upon a Time

I have finally gotten into this show after a few non starts with it (bad timing etx) and it's basically everything I love about fairytales and magic and romance all rolled into one! I'm just about to finish season 1 and I can't wait to see which characters appear next. So far we've had Snow White, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin and so many more!

2. Parks and Recreation

This is just hilarious. Watch this show. The end. It's shot mockumentary style like The Office and it follows the incredible Amy Poehler and her team at the parks and recreation department (full of extremely quirky and kooky characters) in a small American town. It's so quick witted and if you don't know it now you'll have seen hilarious moments giffed somewhere for sure! 

3. The X Files

I've recently gotten into this 90s classic after always wanting to watch it, hearing such good things and the revelation that they're going to making new episodes on Netflix. Each episode is so creative with the wonderful Mulder and Scully (talk about sexual tension!) facing a different seemingly paranormal crime. It's addictive watching and is perfect for this time of year so it's time to catch up now before the 2016 instalment hits our screens! 

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I have already watched this before but I decided I just had to show it to my boyfriend and honestly it's so much better when you can share something you love with someone else, especially a comedy! This is so fun and quirky a must watch for anyone who loves to laugh (so basically, everyone!)

5. Gilmore Girls

Basically, forever and always. Especially now that we know they're bring it back.  THEY'RE BRINGING IT BACK.

So those are the shows I'm loving lately, how about you? What are you binge watching at the minute? 

Also what are your plans for Halloween lovelies? Anything fun? I for one am planning a night in with boyfriend cooking and watching Halloweeny specials and what not! Plus we're onto the season finale of Kimmy Schmidt so you know, tis the season and what not!

Happy trick or treating :)

Sophia xxx


Small, happy and currently!

So let's catch up! I love reading these 'currently' posts and I realised I haven't done one of my own in a while, so here we are :) 

Reading: Anna and the French kiss (again!) I just needed some cutesy fluff, we all do sometimes!

Watching: Bake Off like the rest of our great nation obvs and The Office from our friends across the pond! It's so so funny, Steve Carell is a genius.

Wanting: time to slow down but equally to speed up (because hello Christmas!)

Feeling: at peace and calm the majority of the time. It's great. I definitely need to thank my yoga obsession for at least part of this feeling.

Enjoying: new episodes of Nashville, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy. Olivia Pope is back bitches!

Coveting: lots of books (as per usual).

Deciding: to get my Christmas shopping done very soon! Yes, I'm going to be that person. I'm going to try ha!

Needing: a bit of Disney to help me through those long markings sessions!

Visiting: Knutsford, Tatton Park, lots of lovely places in Cheshire.

Cooking: up an Autumnal storm! Whole roasted cauliflower, leek and butterbean casserole, it goes on!

What have you been up to lately? Read any good books? 

Happy Sunday :) 

Sophia x

Small and Happy's 40 questions tag!

So we have finally touched back down on British soil with two big cases of jet lag, two even bigger cases of laundry but a whole host of wonderful memories and so much to talk about! With previous jet lag state in mind plus my boyfriend hasn't uploaded photos yet I thought I'd post this fun tag I saw to tide things over until then! 

I saw this on one of my favourite blogs Little Glitter and I just knew I had to do it! If you don't know Amber's blog go and check it out, her blog's brilliant and she's a fellow Disney fanatic like me! 

Anyway, here are my answers, what a fun tag to do, if you do this let me know I love posts like this, I am the ultimate nosy person...

 Three words about me: determined, positive, caring. 2. The first thing I do in the morning: stretch and wish I'd slept in more, constant early bird! 3. When I hear music on the radio: I sing along or think eh?! I'm so old and behind on music now! 4. I'm looking forward to: getting back to home comforts after this amazing trip abroad. 5. My wardrobe is full of: simple basics, and a lot of skater skirts! 

6. When I have to get dressed up: I LOVE it and always want to buy a new dress off ASOS. The only time I enjoy shopping. 7. I am passionate about: education (kinda my job), equality and Disney! 8. A little secret about me: I'm a secret over thinker. People think I'm so chilled about stuff when most the time I've thought a lot about each scenario. 9: I feel best about myself when: I've had a good day at work or with loved ones. 10. In the coffee shop I order: green tea or a skinny capp with sugar free caramel (yep, I'm that girl, but for real sugar free caramel is the business!) 

An example of me in the aforementioned 'simple basics' although I should mention that if it's summer everything I wear will be paired my ray bans! Because they were hella expensive and I'm getting my money's worth. Plus they make me me feel a million times more glamorous, always a plus.

11. In the bar I order: vodka diet coke, with lots of lime! . 12. In a group of friends I am: the one telling some crazy funny story about something or other. 13. Within the family, I am: the positive problem solver. 14. I can not live without: Disney, my family and friends. 15. Children are: the reason for living for me, I can't wait until I can have kids! 

16. At night I: usually get up multiple times for a bathroom break, 80 year old woman much? 17. In my bag I have: my Kate Spade purse (my love), phone, hand sanitizer, lip balm, various receipts and other things I should throw away! 18. Training is: more likely to look like Zumba for me. 19. Policies are: not always correct but are vital in society.

Ultimate Disney fan, this is currently the background on my phone and to get this picture I photographed my sister's calendar. Dedication to the mouse house? I think so. 

20. Love is: what makes everything else worthwhile. 1. In Autumn I'll pray for it to be warm a little longer. 22. By my bedside I have: a huge pile of books and my cute unicorn jewellery dish. 23. In the kitchen I: love cooking new recipes with my boyfriend and flicking through my many cookbooks (bought far too many this year!) 24. I'm worst at: being patient with slow walkers. 25. I'm best at: listening to people, giving advice and being a positive Polly! 

26. I love: lots of things but mostly I just love the life I am carving out for myself in Cheshire. 27. What I want with my life: to continue to develop my career in many different ways and to have a large, loving family with lots of kids!  28. I admire: anyone who's doing their best. 29. The best thing I know: this too shall pass.


Perks of the job.

30. Unusual habit: I eat a lot of carrots. As in a lot. Daily. I also warm them up in the microwave before eating them, tell me that's not unusual ha! 31. I am a member of: the national teachers' union. 32. I believe in: karma. 33. You may not know that: I have a birthmark shaped like a paw print, it's so cool! 34. In the evening I: either go to the gym, call my family or cook tea and have Netflix sessions with my boyfriend! 35. As a friend, I am: a pretty good one. 

36. When I have free time: I read blogs/books, catch up on TV and make exciting plans. 37. When I'm at work: I am constantly dashing around doing a million and one things/dealing with difficult situations. And pretty much loving every minute! 38. You're allowed to lie if: it's a little white lie, do it all be time, sorry! 39. In five years I am: hopefully married with a baby or with a baby coming in the near future. 40. In ten years I am: looking forward to seeing what life holds, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Although...once you've stayed in THE Pinterest infinity pool, surely the only way in life is down?! Hoho... Get it? Because it's high up? it seemed funny to me at the time, but like I said: jet lag.

So there it is, a little bit more about me, like I said please let me know if to be don a similar tag, this level of self disclosure should definitely be a two way street! 

Lots of love and smooches,


Small and happy's snapshots from Copenhagen!

Well hello and hallo there! I'm totally guessing that hallo is Danish for hello by the way, I didn't pick up any of the language during our whistle stop weekend in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago! 

Just checked.

Hello is Hej.

So Hej, one and all! Whilst I didn't pick up even the most basic of Danish phrases as I was saying what in the country's capital what I DID pick up was a serious love for this clean, exciting, vibrant city (as well as an awesome keyring, but more on that later....) 

Here are some of my Instagram snaps from the trip and I hope they inspire you to go! Seriously it's so near to us in the UK you really just must, an hour and a half flight anyone?!

1. The beautiful Nyhavn. Just look at all those colours!

2. Ariel in the flesh! The amount of tourists crowding around this chica was incredible. A little gem in the jewelled crown of the city.

3. The famous open faced sandwiches, althought let's face it, it's basically art at this level! Boyfriend devoured a smorgasbord and highly recommends them to all.

4. A typical Danish (and delicious) breakfast with more muesli than you can shake a stick at! 

5. The fantastic Tivoli Gardens! For the lesser Scandi-familiar this is basically a 200 year old adorable fairytale like theme park right in the centre of town. It's worth a trip purely for this! 

6. A beautiful castle. Can't remember the name but basically there's a lot of beautiful buildings in Copenhagen and this is one of them. Cameras at the ready people!

7. Some lovely interiors Scandi chic style. All of the pastels, I'll have them all please.

8. My new friend, Emerald the mermaid magnet. For those of you asking, yes, she is Emmy for short. And yes, she lives on the fridge. 

Also no, I don't know where her bra went. Saucy.

Anyway, that's a little window into our trip away. I feel like we've mastered the weekend break and it really does just keep you going and make the normal weeks just a bit more exciting. Travel is so enriching and to think that there in Europe there are so many wonderful places on our doorstep is so inspiring!

So the next question is,

Where next? 

Where would you recommend for a weekend getaway?! Have you been to Copenhagen? 

Sophia xxxxx

Small and happy's 10 happy things! #14

I know this used to be a weekly post but the way things are going let's just think of this as 10 happy things in life recently!

Not sure about all you guys but life seems to be going full steam ahead at the minute. It's that exciting countdown to summer I suppose! With the nights being longer I seem to be filling them (and the weekends) with lots of fun things. This means the weeks seem to run into each other and then we end up here already getting ready to say goodbye to June! 

Anyway, I digress. Here are ten things that have made me smile, laugh, feel calm, content or grateful recently.

1// Having a massive Netflix session. Yesterday, Boyfriend was working and I didn't have much work to do so I had a full on OITNB, Parks and Recreation marathon and it was absolute bliss. Usually I'm not a huge fan of being on my own in the flat for too long but yesterday I loved it. I even burnt candles! Yankee's new Cappuccino flavour, just if anyone's interested...

2// Starting to get into weight lifting. Yep, little old me. Some of these new exercise classes I've been to have all involved weights and I've started to incorporate them into my workouts now. It feels really satisfying and is definitely making me push myself, which is always a plus in my

3// Completing a full colouring page. This is honestly so soothing and is far better than sitting on your phone whilst watching tv. Let's face it, in this day and age we're hard pressed to do one thing at a time so at least we can try and do something creative like colouring or knitting or crocheting. I would like my skills to extend beyond Facebook stalking at some point.

4// My new Zumba class. I recently signed up to Pure Gym as it's closer than my lifestyle centre and loved the class and instructor. She was a really talented dancer and was just so cool (far cooler than I have ever been!) and energetic with some brilliant routines. Can't wait to go again! 

5// My boyfriend's sister got engaged this weekend. I'm so so pleased for her and this means another wedding on the horizon! I am starting to feel overwhelmed at the amount of them actually, oh well, I suppose it's the age. Bring on the wedding outfit shopping!

6// Reading the new Princess Diaries book. The new adult novel of Princess Mia's adventures (no, not THAT kind of adult you naughty minxes) was at Manchester airport as an exclusive before it's release in early July and I am loving it! If you were a fan of the Princess Diaries books you have to pick this one up. It had been far too long without Michael Moscovitz in my life.

7// Getting a free sample of Chanel's new fragrance in the post. I have the gorgeous Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and I was sent me a tester of their Chanel Chance Eau Vie and I wasn't surprised to discover that it's just as lovely, but sadly just as expensive!

8// The sunshine. It's just always better when it's sunny isn't it?

9// My recent trip to Copenhagen. I definitely will talk more about this but I just needed to pop it in here as it's still making me smile even though it was a week ago. We are so lucky living in Europe to have all of these wonderful places just on our doorstep.

10// My boyfriend leaving lovely Panda post it notes with cute messages on everywhere for me to find. He is just beyond adorable and without all of the wonderful things in this list I'd still be beaming from ear to ear. #sorryforthecheese

I'd never say it to his face though ;)

So there we go, a lot of tv and exercise with some books and travel thrown in and that pretty much sums up my main loves in life so I guess it's no wonder I'm feeling good right now! 

We need to remember how important it is to make time for the things that make us happy. It makes all the rest feel so much better and easier to manage!

What is making you smile at the minute?

Sophia :) xxxx

Small, happy and life lately!

Helloooo my lovely lot,

How are we this Friday Eve?!

Once again my life is going full steam ahead (and even that phrase I feel doesn't suffice) but hey ho that's the life of a teacher in the summer term! I can't sit down for a very long chat I'm afraid so here's a sneaky snapshot of us in Copenhagen last weekend and a round up of life lately!

Eating// Waitrose's delicious healthy choice raspberry balsamic vinegar #middleclassfoods. Totally brightening up my work lunches!

Watching// Jurassic World again. Seriously go if you haven't seen it yet! The film=epic. Chris Pratt=hot.

Wanting// a chow chow dog. I mean sorry, I'm seeing them everywhere I go (so it's obviously a sign) and how could you not want this face in your life on a permanent basis?!

Planning// our South East Asia trip. Anyone got any recommendations for Vietnam or Bali?!

Lifting// weights. Yeah, that's right. My new Pure Gym membership is working me hard!

Obsessing// over House of Cards. I accidentally spoiled myself for the end of season 3 but it only made me want to get to the end of the season more!

Coveting// ALL the summer clothes but knowing I have no need for anything new in my wardrobe.

Reminiscing// about our lovely weekend trip to Copenhagen this past week. Somewhere I really hadn't thought to go and I'm so glad I did. If you're in the UK I really recommend it for a nice trip away. So clean, friendly and some lovely places with lots to do!

Feeling// rushed off my feet, happy, excited, lucky, achy, loved...

And about a million and one other things, but that's life isn't it?!

So catch me up, what's new (pussycat?)

Sophia xxx 

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