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Small and Happy's Rome snapshots!

Buongiorno my beauties!

I am so sorry for the quietness on this front however I have been away visiting the wonderful, eternal city: Rome! I loved wandering around the city in the sunshine pretending I was in The Lizzie McGuire Movie although sadly I was not mistaken for an Italian pop star and made to perform in front of thousands... c'est la vie!

I did however see the Pope up close and personal, see some perfect sights, soak in a lot of history and eat some delicious foods and see the world's cutest dog! 

Here are some snapshots of our trip...

Summer skiesssss.

My dream car although to be frank there is no way in hell I would ever drive here, the lack of driving skill or awareness is no joke.

Inside Vatican City, look at the beautiful blue skies!!

See what I mean? I was not exaggerating. I officially have gone from being a cat lover to needing a chow chow dog in one trip. 

In the land of gelato I will still always choose froyo. #faithful 

But of a colossal sight here...

I'm sorry.

Who knew Rome had such beautiful parks?! It's not all pizza and piazzas!

Every single street was just perfection. Quintissential Italian charm and class. I've even got the typical Italian hand gestures! See the woman in the red jumper near the front?

Possibly the world's most beautiful restaurant?! Loved the purple flowers hanging down, can any florist out there identify them? 

I don't even think Beyoncé would bring in this crowd at 9am on a Wednesday. Popular Popey!

Not the Trevi as it is shut for renovations (boo!) however proof that Rome is home to hundreds of beautiful fountains anyway. Every corner we turned round was a marvel and completely took my breath away.

So there's a little window into our Roman getaway! My boyfriend's the photographer of us two so once he's sorted his pictures I'll get them up here too!

It was just such a magical, historical feeling place and I already long to go back. Rome really struck a chord with me and I would love to explore more of Italy!

Have you ever been to Rome? Where else would you recommend in Italy? I've been to Venice so where should I tick off next? Florence? Pisa? Milan! The possibilities are endless!

Until next time,


Sophia xxxxx

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy weekend one and all!

Today's picture is from the Disney store in Rome!

I'm off there on Sunday and shall be making this one of my key stops alongside the colosseum and Vatican! I love the Roman theme and I'm very excited to see the merchandise. I wonder if Italy has been hit with Frozen fever too!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Rome before? If you have, any tips?!

Have a gorgeous weekend whatever you do,

Lots of love,

Sophia :) 

Small, happy and lusting for..Rome!

Soooo, a new year, a new year of travel and first up on my list this year is looking like the eternal city, the beautiful Rome.

I've never been before and it's one of a small handful of European cities that I have yet to visit so have decided that 2015 is the year to change that!

From what I've seen from Eat, Pray, Love, The Lizzie McGuire movie (yes, my tastes are that discerning and diverse) and my own research and knowledge, Rome looks to be an absolutely treasure trove of beauty, history and stunning architecture. 

We're thinking of going in Easter time, prices allowing and I would love to hear some tips from any experienced Rome visitors? Any must see places? How about food?! Always the most important place to start the research I feel...

I look forward to being able to pick up a few Italian phrases and to enjoy the Italian lifestyle for a few days this year! 

Ciao all!
Sophia x
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