Small and Happy's Valentine's snapshots!

So this Valentine's weekend we popped on down to London to see some family and just do a little shopping and what not. 

It's always nice to go but always nice to leave and get back to the normal prices of the north! 

We don't usually make a big deal of Valentine's in terms of gifts (as in any!) however since we had four years of long distance we are used to using Valentine's to make sometime together and do something special! So even now we see each other all the time every day we still like to take the chance to do something a little different and solely about the two of us!

Anyway, here's a few snapshots of our short time there :)

Some beautiful tulips in a lovely corner shop. My only flowers of the weekend ha!

Got to pop and see good old Billy Shakespeare while you're in town. Made me want to watch Shakespeare in Love as always! 

No trip is ever complete without a visit to the Disney store, especially when they have the country specific toys. These regal Minnies were too cute!

Isn't this to die for? It was all illustrated inside, my powers of willpower were strongly tested here!

I did pick up an adorable souvenir in the form of this Moomins magnet, so cute!

I love these untranslatable words from other countries so I was thrilled to see that they have a book version, an excellent coffee table addition...if I was the kind of person that had coffee table books. One day!

And here we all are, me, my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend, the next generation!

Oh and don't forget me! Okay then, I also made anther friend in the form of this adorable bunny in the Disney shop from the upcoming Zootopia! Very excited for this, if you haven't heard of it. Watch the trailer! 

How was everyone else's Valentine's/Galentines day?!

Sophia xxx

Small and ten happy things!

So to celebrate some happy things recently I thought I would post a photo of one of my happiest times ever-me in New York in 2013. I can't wait to go back this year!! Here's a round of more recent things that have made me smile :)

1. THE FACT THAT GILMORE GIRLS IS COMING BACK. This will probably be in my happy things until we get a release and then it will change to a countdown!

2. A lovely afternoon in Knutsford. While boyfriend traded at the market I took shelter in a nearby cafe. Glamour, Cosmo, free wifi and a vanilla chai, could there be anything better?!

3. Making a Murderer. This has totally gripped me and I cannot wait until we finish it and I read all the theories and analysis online. I am being so good and avoiding everything!

4. A cheeky booked trip down to London. Next week it's half term and we're off to our lovely capital and I can't wait for a little break and to go to Whole Foods, Kikki K, Covent Garden and all the other places I love that we don't have up here in the good old North!

5. Delicious cooking. We always make such good food (if I do say so myself and its great to have someone to share all my cookbooks excitement with!) 

6. The fact that it's getting lighter. This is just the best.

7. Amy Poehler's Yes, Please. It's immense. She is immense. It's all just good where Amy's concerned.

8. Booking to see Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat in March. This is one my favourite musicals and I am so happy to be seeing it, especially with one of my friends who has NEVER seen it! 

9. So many lovely phone calls with friends. I have really made such an effort to schedule time in to catch up with all my friend and it is so nice to have these chats in the evening and just to see what's going on. It's hard to make time as we get older but it's so so worth it.

10. An ASOS haul. Don't look at me, I don't know what happened. 

What's made you happy recently? Do you ever do lists like this?

Happy Sunday! 

Sophia :) xxxx


Small and Happy's five for Friday!

Hands up who else is glad that it's the weekend? It's just been crazy busy for me and I for one am so glad that it's now done and dusted! I saw this idea on the wonderful Dorkface's blog and I thought I would give it a whirl on here!

So here's my five for Friday :)

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1) A lie in tomorrow!
2) Half term starting next week.
3) Having a delicious dinner date with my boyfriend tonight.
4) Making some more travel plans.
5) Booking theatre tickets with my work friends

Five things I'm loving right now:
1) Amy Poehler's Yes Please.
2) Making a Murderer.
3) Rewatching Parenthood.
4) My Lush bath bombs (hence the beautiful picture)
5) The fact that it's getting lighter in the mornings!

Five women I love:
1) Mila Kunis.
2) Vanessa Hudgens.
3) Emma Stone.
4) Ashley Olsen.
5) Kate Middleton.

Five places I want to go:
1) Japan
2) California
3) Australia
4) Santorini
5) Morocco.

Five favourite books:
1) Harry Potter.
2) The Princess Diaries series (always and forever!)
3) Gone with the Wind.
4) The Luminaries.
5) Noughts and Crosses.

I love doing little lists like this! Does anyone else do this? Any one else love Dorkface's blog?! 

Have a lovely weekend all!

Sophia :) xxxx

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