Small and happy's 10 happy things! #14

I know this used to be a weekly post but the way things are going let's just think of this as 10 happy things in life recently!

Not sure about all you guys but life seems to be going full steam ahead at the minute. It's that exciting countdown to summer I suppose! With the nights being longer I seem to be filling them (and the weekends) with lots of fun things. This means the weeks seem to run into each other and then we end up here already getting ready to say goodbye to June! 

Anyway, I digress. Here are ten things that have made me smile, laugh, feel calm, content or grateful recently.

1// Having a massive Netflix session. Yesterday, Boyfriend was working and I didn't have much work to do so I had a full on OITNB, Parks and Recreation marathon and it was absolute bliss. Usually I'm not a huge fan of being on my own in the flat for too long but yesterday I loved it. I even burnt candles! Yankee's new Cappuccino flavour, just if anyone's interested...

2// Starting to get into weight lifting. Yep, little old me. Some of these new exercise classes I've been to have all involved weights and I've started to incorporate them into my workouts now. It feels really satisfying and is definitely making me push myself, which is always a plus in my

3// Completing a full colouring page. This is honestly so soothing and is far better than sitting on your phone whilst watching tv. Let's face it, in this day and age we're hard pressed to do one thing at a time so at least we can try and do something creative like colouring or knitting or crocheting. I would like my skills to extend beyond Facebook stalking at some point.

4// My new Zumba class. I recently signed up to Pure Gym as it's closer than my lifestyle centre and loved the class and instructor. She was a really talented dancer and was just so cool (far cooler than I have ever been!) and energetic with some brilliant routines. Can't wait to go again! 

5// My boyfriend's sister got engaged this weekend. I'm so so pleased for her and this means another wedding on the horizon! I am starting to feel overwhelmed at the amount of them actually, oh well, I suppose it's the age. Bring on the wedding outfit shopping!

6// Reading the new Princess Diaries book. The new adult novel of Princess Mia's adventures (no, not THAT kind of adult you naughty minxes) was at Manchester airport as an exclusive before it's release in early July and I am loving it! If you were a fan of the Princess Diaries books you have to pick this one up. It had been far too long without Michael Moscovitz in my life.

7// Getting a free sample of Chanel's new fragrance in the post. I have the gorgeous Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and I was sent me a tester of their Chanel Chance Eau Vie and I wasn't surprised to discover that it's just as lovely, but sadly just as expensive!

8// The sunshine. It's just always better when it's sunny isn't it?

9// My recent trip to Copenhagen. I definitely will talk more about this but I just needed to pop it in here as it's still making me smile even though it was a week ago. We are so lucky living in Europe to have all of these wonderful places just on our doorstep.

10// My boyfriend leaving lovely Panda post it notes with cute messages on everywhere for me to find. He is just beyond adorable and without all of the wonderful things in this list I'd still be beaming from ear to ear. #sorryforthecheese

I'd never say it to his face though ;)

So there we go, a lot of tv and exercise with some books and travel thrown in and that pretty much sums up my main loves in life so I guess it's no wonder I'm feeling good right now! 

We need to remember how important it is to make time for the things that make us happy. It makes all the rest feel so much better and easier to manage!

What is making you smile at the minute?

Sophia :) xxxx

Small, happy and loving...the tangle teezer!

Now this is not a beauty blog and it never will be. Just getting that off my chest! I literally don't change my make up ever so it'd be pretty boring for you to read for the umpteenth time how much I love L'Oreal's million lashes mascara (although I do, I REALLY do). 

However, I have to use the little space I have to convince all of you out there that you need a tangle teezer! Unless you're lucky enough to be able to work a pixie cut for the majority of us we need to brush our hair and this little gem is our answer sent from above. Yes, I'm aware I'm being hyperbolic but you have to try this bad boy out. Get your own here!

I have seriously long hair and brushing for me was always a chore and took me so long. Especially after the shower, you feel me ladies?! Long haired gents? 

Now, I bought my tangle teezer on a whim (I couldn't resist the pastely goodness) hoping that it might be a slight improvement to my regular brush and knowing that at the very least it would look cute. What I wasn't expecting was how amazing it would be!

I still to this can't believe how short a time to takes to brush my hair now and I don't have the painful knots and pulls!

If I convince one of you lovelies to go out and treat your tresses to a smoother ride then I'll feel like this post was a success!

Having said all that, am I preaching to the choir! Do you all already use tangle teezers? I personally have a soft spot for the Shaun the sheep one!

Do you have any other tips for hair cate?

Lots of love,

Sophia :) xxxx

Small, happy and life lately!

Helloooo my lovely lot,

How are we this Friday Eve?!

Once again my life is going full steam ahead (and even that phrase I feel doesn't suffice) but hey ho that's the life of a teacher in the summer term! I can't sit down for a very long chat I'm afraid so here's a sneaky snapshot of us in Copenhagen last weekend and a round up of life lately!

Eating// Waitrose's delicious healthy choice raspberry balsamic vinegar #middleclassfoods. Totally brightening up my work lunches!

Watching// Jurassic World again. Seriously go if you haven't seen it yet! The film=epic. Chris Pratt=hot.

Wanting// a chow chow dog. I mean sorry, I'm seeing them everywhere I go (so it's obviously a sign) and how could you not want this face in your life on a permanent basis?!

Planning// our South East Asia trip. Anyone got any recommendations for Vietnam or Bali?!

Lifting// weights. Yeah, that's right. My new Pure Gym membership is working me hard!

Obsessing// over House of Cards. I accidentally spoiled myself for the end of season 3 but it only made me want to get to the end of the season more!

Coveting// ALL the summer clothes but knowing I have no need for anything new in my wardrobe.

Reminiscing// about our lovely weekend trip to Copenhagen this past week. Somewhere I really hadn't thought to go and I'm so glad I did. If you're in the UK I really recommend it for a nice trip away. So clean, friendly and some lovely places with lots to do!

Feeling// rushed off my feet, happy, excited, lucky, achy, loved...

And about a million and one other things, but that's life isn't it?!

So catch me up, what's new (pussycat?)

Sophia xxx 

Small and happy and Mulberry lusting!

I am in love.

Ain't she a beauty? The pastels, the adorable size, the gorgeous chain, I could go on and on...

But, before I do, one thing you need to know about me is that I'm not materialistic. At all. I don't want expensive make up or Louboutins or designer clothes. I will always prefer to save and spend money on travel.

But then there's Mulberry.

Their classic designs and gorgeous colours have always made me go full on heart eye emoji and I have always had my eye on one of their bags. I wanted the larger Bayswater satchel but their prices make my bank account and heart very sad.

Enter the mini Lily! This lovely sized version of the classic larger Lily is slightly more affordable at £350. If I put birthday money towards it and save up and don't buy anything for a few months that is!

I know I shouldn't lust after possessions but I do just keep coming back to wanting one special bag, a lovely piece that I can pass on and keep for years to come before that. I like the idea that owning a bag like this, or us buying anything we truly want because we have worked hard and saved up is a concrete reminder of the hours and effort we put in every day.

After all, life is hard, we work hard and our hard earned money is ours to spend on whatever makes us happy! So my point today is, treat yourself. Don't bankrupt yourself obviously and be sensible within your means, but it you want something badly, save up, work hard and then splurge, guilt free :) 

So, I've managed to make myself feel better about my slight materialistic tendencies! But now I want to know, what's on your list?! What's that one item you really, really want?

Lots of love,

Sophia :) xxx

Small and happy's #throwbackthursday

So sorry for the lack of posts, life is going a mile a minute (update soon!)

So let's think back to calmer times...

Boyfriend and I on the beach together in my beautiful Portuguese homeland. Well, half homeland, the other belongs to Yorkshire :)

Happy Friday Eve y'all!

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Any BBQs planned?!

Sophia xxxx

Small, happy and girl crushing. #7

Mila again.

Just because.

Happy Thursday! 

Sophia :) xxx

Small, happy and rounding up #magnificentmay!

God, I've always loved May. Not only is it my birthday and anniversary month but as a teacher I get a lovely half term break and all of us lucky UK sods get bank holidays too! So all in all I think we can agree that May is where it's at. Looking back now I did so many fantastic things, I honestly didn't even realise! Here are just a few snapshots of what made my month:

Me and my number one man on my birthday. This is now the 7th birthday of mine we've celebrated together which is just mind blowing. I feel luckier every year. #passthebucket

We celebrated 24 in style with a Hello Kitty themed party. My grandma had heard me once say HK is cute and decided that that warranted a whole birthday party but hey, I ain't complaining!

A lovely, healthy birthday buffet with all my favourite goodies. So many crudités. Got to have the crudités..

A lovely post buffet walk up in the Peak District with my sister and ultimate bestie.

I ended the month on sunnier climes as I went to Spain for a hen do!

More on this later...

Other highlights of May included:

Going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with two of my best uni girls!

Getting a spiralizer and having all sorts of spiral fun!

Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar, one of my favourite musicals for my birthday!

I actually can't believe how much I've done this month, it really makes you think how much we can squeeze into four short weeks doesn't it!

Here's to making June just as fun!

What's your favourite month? What did you get up to in May? Let me know please! I'm loving seeing my followers go up it's making me so happy (so hello to you lovely newbies!) so please come and say hi!

Sophia xxx

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