Small, happy and what I love about being home for Christmas.

Can't believe it's the most wonderful time of the year. I am back at the family home in Sheffield and here is a little list of the things I love about being home at Christmas time:

* Watching all the Christmassy TV: The Holiday, Love Actually, Home Alone, every TV Christmas special, I particularly love the Gavin and Stacey Christmas one!

*Wrapping presents. Each year I try and step it up and I think this year I have out done myself! The woman in Paperchase asked me what my 'theme' was which filled me with dread but I mumbled something about liking silver and the result was the picture above which I am very proud of!

*Watching Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. This needed its own post because it's just so good! I'm on my second viewing in as many days and it just makes me feel so festive every time!

* No alarm. This needs no further explanation.

*Writing Christmas cards. I love writing any type of card so Christmas is the ultimate opportunity to buy and write so many!

*Family time. Yes, I may get saturated with my dad at points but I love being with my family at this time of year as I love in another city to everyone so we don't see each other as much as we di. In particular I love seeing my sister who is basically my bestie!

*Everyone's general joy and excitement! It's just a more loving, sparkly time of year isn't it!

*The carols and the nativity. While I am not religious myself I love remembering why we are lucky enough to have this time off to be around our loved ones and particularly being a teacher carrying on the story of the nativity to the younger generation is one of my favourite things about this time of year.

*The food. I can show my love for brussel sprouts loudly and proudly in December and NO ONE CAM JUDGE ME. Well, not as much.

So that's what makes this time of year extra special for me, how about you? What's on your Christmas list? Any last minute shoppers out there?

Sophia x

Small, happy and what I REALLY want for Christmas.

Now I must admit that I'm not massively materialistic, however even I usually love to create a good old wishlist around this time of year. 

Despite this, this year I found myself racking my brains trying to think of what my family could get me this year. When I stopped and thought (and really thought) I realised that what I REALLY want can't be bought. So I haven't asked anyone for any of these things, perhaps I am asking myself and the universe I suppose...

My (real) Christmas wishlist:

For no more attacks to occur like the monstrosities we had in Paris.

For people to have food on their table not just for Christmas but for the whole year.

That mental health would be taken seriously and people given the help and support they need.

That we find a cure for cancer.

That children all up and down the UK (and particularly those in my class) have a safe, happy home life where they are shown love.

That we don't lose ourselves in social media and that our children and teenagers realise how it does not represent real life.

That people stop discriminating against people for ridiculous reasons.

Wouldn't it be great if just one of these wishes came true? I know it sounds corny and of course I lust after THINGS as much as the next person but as I age I really am thinking about the world and the happiness of those around me. So I pray that one of these wishes come true for at least some people this Christmas!

What would be your one Christmas miracle wish? 

Sophia xxxx

Small and Happy's Instagram round up!

I am currently in bed watching Romeo and Juliet (how did I forgot how beautiful and angelic 90s Leo is?!) so my current activity is presently a big fat zero.

However, I have been a busy bee recently so I thought I would round up what I've been doing through my Instagram! 

1. My tree, isn't she pretty?! I have had her up proudly since the end of November and I am loving the twinkly lights every evening when it's dark outside.

2. Standard blogger Lush shot. I want the sparkly star and I don't care that I am a full blown adult.

3. One of the best things about Christmas is surely all the shop displays, no? This beauty was spotted in Altrincham.

4. Some amazing Christmas card envelopes decorated by hand by my very talented friend!

5. Found a Sailor Venus comic. Didn't buy it. This story has a sad ending.

6. PJ day a few weeks ago for Children In Need, hands down the comfiest Friday ever.

7. Hunger Games!! I waited so long for this one and it did not disappoint.

8. A recent wonderful sleepover with my sister. My best friend :)

9. The Trafford Centre managing to look Christmassy despite the palm trees?!

Anyway, there's a little snapshot into my life at the minute. I just love Instagram and I would love to follow more people so please leave your usernames below! Mine is @sophiacristina is anyone wants to follow on! 

How are we all? Hope you're having s lovely weekend and you're not caught out in the rain!

Sophia xxx

Small, happy and the perfect sleepover!

So I basically had a perfect weekend. Or more specifically, the perfect sleepover.

 I didn't think this would be possible since I had to have my wisdom tooth out on Friday (spoiler alert-it's not that bad!) but to make myself feel less nervous I had arranged for my lovely sister to come and sleep over on Saturday.

Luckily she came and I was relatively pain free so I was very excited for some sister sister time! The candles were burning, the heating was on and the tree was twinkling away, the perfect setting for a girly night in. 

We started the evening beautifully with two large mugs of green tea and a good dose of catching up. She's currently in her third year so it's great for her to have some time out to really relax. Don't you just love those chats that go on and on forever? 

Between chatting we had some food, (soup for me and my tooth!) and several of M&S's fancy dips alongside other treats for her!

We also watched Love Actually which gave me all the feels and then we cuddled up in bed! Tell me someone else out there spoons their siblings like they're still kids?! I don't care if not because she's literally my bestie, I'll spoon her til we're seventy and I don't care who knows it! :)

It completely revitalised both of us to have some quality time together (as well as a massive sleep!) and we topped it off with eating porridge this morning and watching The Holiday. 

Starting the morning with Jude Law, now that's always going to be a great Sunday!

How were your weekends? What's your perfect sleepover look like?

Sophia xxx

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