Small and happy's cookbook wishlist!

So I am totally lusting after all of these cookbooks at the minute. You see, boyfriend and I are kind of becoming cooking machines right now. Pretty much every weekend we set aside time to cook a new recipe and we are loving it. I've followed the Hemsley sisters, Deliciously Ella and Inspiralized for a while now and read their blogs religiously but I feel like there's nothing better than just having the books in front of you when you're cooking. I hate squinting at a screen when trying to cook and then having to unlock the screen with foody, dirty fingers! #firstworldpains 

As well as this, I just like having nice cookbooks around. I barely buy clothes, so this is my treat! I am totally trying to justify these purchases but hey, you've got to eat right?! And these ladies are showing us delicious and nutritious ways to eat right. I'm so glad this way of eating and the focus on plants is becoming so popular. For ages I felt it was just me banging on about zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice to my non believing family for so long! So it's nice to say, 'see ACTUAL chefs do this!'

I would also love a spiralizer but I have limited space in my kitchen and a julienne peeler is doing the trick (for now) so I might put this one on the back burner but it would just open up so many options! Spiralizing a butternut squash?! Yes please!!

Do you have any of these books?  Which cookbooks are your most thumbed?  Can you recommend any good books/blogs to follow like these? Let me know!

Sophia :) x


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