Small and happy read: The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

For months now this book has been pretty much everywhere. I deny anyone who's been in WHSmith, Waterstones or any shop selling books in the last year to not recognise the cover. This is the The Goldfinch by the wonderful Donna Tartt (author of The Secret History).

If you have heard about the story or have picked it up in a shop and have maybe, like me, thought this doesn't really sound like your usual book then trust me me when I say if you love reading at all you will love this book! I realise that is a big statement. 

The Goldfinch follows the life of a young boy, Theo, whose visit to the Met museum in New York one normal day leads to a fatal loss and a painting worth millions ending up in his possession. Intrigued yet? You should be! As Theo's other family consists of his absent drunk father, he ends up staying with a friend and his deliciously cold, ultra rich family in Park Avenue. However, saying that this is only the beginning of the story is an understatement to say the very least.

The novel follows Theo's life as he deals with his loss and the problems that the incredibly valuable painting that he has come to possess (and feel a strong affinity for) brings him. Theo meets many eccentric and wonderful (in a good and bad way) characters along his journey and visits many places all while dealing with his loss, self discovery, guilt and a whole range of emotions!

It is story telling at his best and is so, so interesting. I honestly hadn't a clue where it was going to go and I loved that! Don't let the length out you off either, it's worth it. The character development, the intricate storyline, I could go on and an on about the things I loved about this book but I might end up being longer than the novel itself.

If you really can't face reading a book this large, I'm fully expecting that this will be made into a movie (it's that good) so you can always wait for that! 

As an avid reader and teacher I will deny every typing that last paragraph but there you go!

Have you read The Goldfinch? If so, did you enjoy it? What are you reading right now? I'm always looking for more books to big so please, let me know! 

Sophia x


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