Small, happy and doing the unthinkable!

So...I've admitted defeat.

I've done something I never do.

And I mean ever.

I've taken a day off work poorly. Two days technically. 

People do this all the time and I know that, I have a legitimate reason, and yet...I feel guilty. I feel like Monica in Friends when she doesn't want to admit that she's sick because she thinks it's 'weak, it's for pansies!' 

But that is not the case. I need to stop pretending to be so strong all the time. Pretending everything is fine when it's not is not being strong, asking for help, accepting support, being open about your feelings: that is what strength is.

So this girl can, yes I can do all sorts of tough girl things. But I can also be strong enough to admit when I need a duvet day.

Today is that day.

What do you do when you're poorly? Do you ever feel guilty when you have to have a day off?

Sophia x


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