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Small, happy and the perfect sleepover!

So I basically had a perfect weekend. Or more specifically, the perfect sleepover.

 I didn't think this would be possible since I had to have my wisdom tooth out on Friday (spoiler alert-it's not that bad!) but to make myself feel less nervous I had arranged for my lovely sister to come and sleep over on Saturday.

Luckily she came and I was relatively pain free so I was very excited for some sister sister time! The candles were burning, the heating was on and the tree was twinkling away, the perfect setting for a girly night in. 

We started the evening beautifully with two large mugs of green tea and a good dose of catching up. She's currently in her third year so it's great for her to have some time out to really relax. Don't you just love those chats that go on and on forever? 

Between chatting we had some food, (soup for me and my tooth!) and several of M&S's fancy dips alongside other treats for her!

We also watched Love Actually which gave me all the feels and then we cuddled up in bed! Tell me someone else out there spoons their siblings like they're still kids?! I don't care if not because she's literally my bestie, I'll spoon her til we're seventy and I don't care who knows it! :)

It completely revitalised both of us to have some quality time together (as well as a massive sleep!) and we topped it off with eating porridge this morning and watching The Holiday. 

Starting the morning with Jude Law, now that's always going to be a great Sunday!

How were your weekends? What's your perfect sleepover look like?

Sophia xxx

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