Small and happy's Disney Friday!

This week I have to share the beautiful Ariel for my Disney Friday purely because for the majority of the week I have been feeling her pain as I have had literally no voice! I'm still husky now but I'm hopeful that a weekend of resting my voice(ish) will help!

As you can imagine in the my line of work your voice is pretty invaluable so I have been struggling I will admit! 

Anyway, the final week of January is done! This means I will be needing to do a joyful January round up pretty soon. Can't believe how the time's flown. Roll on Spring and lighter days I say!

So for Disney Friday today I am asking, do you like Ariel? I personally do, if not for hair reasons alone! But she gets a lot of hate I find from these mega Disney fans, people saying she threw her life away and changed everything for a man and all that and I get it! However, she already wanted the human life or a least a taste of it and surely Eric was just another reason why she was so desperate to explore that world?

I think people who debate this on tumblr and what not get a bit too into it and I say it's a kids' film I wouldn't look to a mermaid as a benchmark for perfect life choices but what do you think? Is she a favourite or least favourite princess of yours? Who do you like best? My personal fave is Jasmine, can't see that changing anytime soon!

Happy FriYAY!! 

Sophia :) xxx 


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