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Small, happy and wanting to go here!!

After watching a Keeping up the Kardashians (completely obsessed, no shame here) and seeing them go to one of these indoor trampolining places I instantly thought, oh my God, I need to go and do this. But obviously, I thought the odds of one existing in the UK outside of London are slim to none.

But, I was wrong.

Not only is there one up north, there is one near me, as in so near I could go anytime I wanted!  All it would take is me hopping on a metro/bus and getting to Trafford Park in Manchester which is where Jump Nation, Manchester's answer to the desperate need (in my opinion) for indoor trampolining exists!

 Check the link for it below!

Don't worry, I shall give a full report after I've been.  Finally a chance to put those old cheerleading jumps to good use!

Have you ever been to do indoor trampolining like this? Are you trampolining pro?! Know of other quirky things to do in Manchester?

I'm all ears!
Sophia x

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