Small and happy's Disney Friday. TOP 5 FILMS.

So, after my second week in my new job I am happy, feeling rewarded and exhausted and about a a million other emotions. Kind of goes hand in hand with teaching I suppose. But anyway, because of my silly busy-ness I haven't done a Disney Friday for a while. I've had this in my drafts for too long but kept holding it back because I couldn't agree with myself on what my favourite of Disney's animations are! But here are the top 5 as they stand (right now!):

The Lion King

This is just classic on so many levels. I really feel like the music in this film puts the movie on another level. Every single song is fantastic, catchy and beautifully animated. Not only this but the story (based on Hamlet, so extra cultural points there!) is brilliant and manages to be both hilarious and uplifting as well as incredibly moving and at points just down right distressing (anyone over Mufasa yet?!)

The characters are great. Zazu ( a hilarious Rowan Atkinson) and Scar (possibly the best villain in a Disney movie?) are just two stand outs for me.

This is a timeless classic and is a true example of Disney at its toe tapping, emotional, magical best.

The Little Mermaid

I'm going to say the most stereotypical thing ever as a girl and admit and I love mermaids ( I also love the colour pink so there you go!) Like any girl watching Ariel swim around with that amazing hair and her awesome shell bikini I was addicted hook, line and sinker. Like the nautical references? I was quite impressed myself. Anyway, as an adult I still love this film. Sebastian is an adorable ray of sunshine. I love the musical sequences, especially Part of your world and Kiss the girl and I always always tear up when her dad turns her into a human. Plus a Prince Eric is definitely one of the best (read 'hottest') Disney princes, for sure.

I just love this film so much I can rewatch it and rewatch it, while Ariel is not my favourite princess there's a lot of top characters in this and it's just a lovely, sweet story.


A more modern classic. When I saw this in 3d at the cinema (completely worth it!) I fell in love instantly. I couldn't believe that Disney could still produce the kind of films I loved as a child and I feel so lucky that I am still able to see these films be released and see such good quality. Rapunzel is a princess for our times in terms of her spunky, independent nature.  As well as this, the humour, the music and the characters feel modern and current and yet the old Disney magic is still there. All that combined makes this one of my absolute favourites.


I will never stop loving this movie! I will love Aladdin forever. Thanks to the fantastic Robin Williams it's definitely the funniest Disney movie (totally my own opinion obvs) and the songs and the story is fabulous.  It's just got everything I want from Disney and on top of this the movie has my favourite princess.  I love Jasmine, she is so bad ass and beautiful and has the rare gift of being able to rock harem trousers and makes her own choices like a boss. It is a classic underdog story with a good boy done good, and what Brit doesn't love that? 


I feel like Frozen has had a slightly delayed surge of popularity. It seems to be even more popular now than when it first came out and I for one can't quite understand how that can be?! I am proud to say that I was a mega fan from the start! For personal reasons, I think it's the fact that the main crux of the story is all about the love between two sisters and I am extremely close to my own that makes me love it :)  The whole Scandinavian style and animation is all beautiful and I just love this movie for being so adorable and more importantly for always reminding me to just LET IT GOOOOOO!


Now I've regained control and have stopped singing (somewhat) I'd like to hear your favourites!  Are you an oldies but goldies lover or do you love the newbie Disney offerings more? It must be said this was a very difficult decision as a I love Beauty and the Beast and many others, however I purely went off the ones I love to watch again and again.  It's never easy when it comes to Disney!

Happy weekends all :)

Sophia x


  1. all great picks!! I love tangled and frozen! the lion king is my husbands favorite movie :)


  2. He has great taste! Think men tend to love lion king and all the Pixar movies! X


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