Small and 10 happy things! #7

Helloooo there! Happy Monday and that all that jazz! Here were the little things that made me smile on the last week of #fabulousfebruary....

1// My grandma getting an iphone! This is big exciting news purely because we are so close and I would love to be able to be able to FaceTime her and send her pictures of what I'm doing. She's only about an hour away in Sheffield but this will make it feel like she's 5 minutes down the road again :) 

2// Booking our flights to Singapore!! Eeeek! This is the happiest thing of the week obviously and I am beyond thrilled! We managed to get them for about 200 pounds cheaper because we're flying from Lisbon as opposed to Manchester. I'll be in Portugal anyway visiting family so it looks like one trip merging into the next which is very very exciting! 

3// Turning the flat into a dance studio on Tuesday evening. I didn't go to my regular Zumba class on Monday so I brought the mountain to Mohammed as the saying goes and did a 50 minute long Zumba class from youtube! Obviously it's not quite the same but I took it all very seriously and tried to keep my feet as light as I could to keep the neighbours below happy!

4// Cooking up a few new recipes at the weekend. We got our hands on a spaghetti squash and I was beyond excited about it! Yes, this is my life.

5// Organising some lovely birthday fun with my old school friends. It's looking like a spa day!

6// Going to step class on Thursday. I just love this class for so many reasons. Not only is it a fabulous workout but I just love the timing of it. It tells me that we're almost at the weekend and I really like the instructor and the general vibe of the class. Everyone there is about 20 years older than me so it's kind of like being in a little mothers' meeting and I quite enjoy that :) Plus they're always gossiping about the women on the Real Housewives of Cheshire (who love near!) so I like that too! 

7// An impromptu trip to Chester to see my sister! My mum went over to see Baby sis this weekend and I tagged along! I was really glad I did as Boyfriend was working and I was only going to be in the house by myself anyway. Sometime the best moments are the spontaneous ones and that's something that as a very structured person I need to remember.

8// Buying The Rosie Effect. I loved The Rosie Project so I can't wait to dive into the sequel.

9// A beautiful sleep on Saturday night. I don't always sleep well at the weekends because I get up so early in the week, therefore it was blissful to wake up and the Sun was already poking through. Spring is well on the way!

10// Getting back into using the Duolingo app to practise my French and Portuguese. One of my new year's resolutions was to improve my Portuguese so I'm cracking on! 

What made you happy in the last week of February? Are you looking forward to anything nice this week?

Chat soooon!


  1. I love the Duolingo app - I think the trick is getting into a routine! I'm having trouble fitting it into my schedule at the moment, because there are so many things I could be doing and I rarely think of Duolingo. Must change that...

    1. You're so right Jemma, it definitely does fall down the list after Instagram and twitter and what not! What language are you learning?

      Sophia :) xxxx


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