S&H's celebrity female dinner party!

So a while back on the bus to work for no other reason than boredom I assume, I suddenly started think about five women I would have at a celebrity dinner party. I thought the idea would fleet across my brain but then I started to really think about it. Which women would I really want to sit down and talk and share a meal with? Who would have interesting stories to share? Who would make the atmosphere light and fun? Who would I like to see interact with each other? This last question gave me some great amusement when I began to imagine people like Miley Cyrus breaking bread with Queen Elizabeth...Anyway, I gave it some thought (almost missing my bus stop in the process!) and this is my list of five women I would like to have over for a dinner party for no other reasons other than they interest greatly me or they make me laugh! I think those are two good criteria for perfect dinner guests, no?

1// JK Rowling 

This is an obvious one, I could happily just sit with her on her own for hours and hours and ask her question after question. I'd love to hear all about her life, how it's changed now, how she actually sat down and wrote each Harry Potter (as in very detailed, I'm so interested!) what inspired and inspires her and what she wants for her future having already achieved so much. She's had some hard times too, she was pretty much bankrupt when she started with Harry and it's well know that dementors are her representation of depression so I'd be so interested to hear about how she dealt with those periods in her life although I realise this is not typical dinner party chatter!!

2// Victoria Beckham

As I've said before, I'm not a fashion expert by any means, I'm not even interested save the beautiful dresses that come around in awards season on the red carpet. However, Victoria Beckham intrigues me greatly and I'd love to meet her. She's one of these people that everyone has their own preconceived ideas and misconceptions about and I want to see what she's like for myself. She's a very inspiring woman, raising four children, keeping a strong marriage together and completely turning her image around to create a brand and a business that she is truly proud of and is achieving the acclaim of others high up in that industry. I think all of this makes her one powerful, awesome woman worthy of a dinner invite, don't you? I want to have a nice girly chats with her over some drinks and hear about how she juggles everything and how she gets the strength and determination to work as hard as she does whilst keeping all of the other plates in her life spinning! If we happen to talk about David (and look at pictures) then that's more than okay too...

3// Ellen DeGeneres

I basically just love her. She seems to be one of those people that just brings light and sparkle wherever she is. She's so funny and real and interesting, she is prime dinner party material. Especially if the tone gets a bit heavy as I fear it would with me interrogating JK Rowling, she is the perfect person to lift it and make everyone laugh and feel at ease! She's also met so many celebrities herself I'd love to her all of her anecdotes, as I bet she has thousands!

4// Kate Middleton 

Again, someone I'm really, really intrigued to meet. She is a classy and inspiring woman. I'd love to have her over and see what she's like and pick her brain. I just want to talk to her and get a feel for what she's like and what her life entails. I have such simple questions like: is everyday scheduled for her? What does she eat? How does she buy clothes? Does someone have to approve her outfits?! The list goes on and on...Obviously she'd be sworn to secrecy about a lot of things but I'm a big royalist and I'd love to be able to meet with her and give her a nice evening and a bit of a break from her royal duties which I can imagine get very tiring! If we happen to swap hair care tips and routines that would be more than fine by me, I need to know how she's keeps her hair so luscious! 

5// Jennifer Lawrence 

Do I need to explain this? She's fun, down to earth and she's done SO much already, she'd be such an interesting guest to have. I just feel like we'd get on and have a laugh! There would never be an awkward silence around the dinner table with her around even if she ends up putting her foot in it sometimes which I imagine would happen! I would love to see her and VB have a chat. I think they'd actually hit it off! I'd love to her her stories about filming The Hunger Games and her general red carpet experiences. She's one of the few Hollywood stars I think who would just give it all to you straight and really be honest and open up.

So there they are, my five guests. I could have easily had more and there were people like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Mindy Kaling who I also thought of but these were there five I settled on. Five very diverse and strong women in their own way, living their own lives in very different ways. I think this would be a wonderful night don't you? 

Just not a bloody clue what I'd cook for them.....

Who would you have over? Any of the same people as me? I was thinking if doing a male dinner party list but I have a feeling the reasoning behind my choices would end up being much more....superficial. #sorrynotsorry

Chat soon!

Sophia x


  1. I have to agree with you picks of J. K. Rowling, Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lawrence! Such interesting ladies, I can imagine having them in the room for a chat would be fascinating. I'd love to have J. K. Rowling, Scarlett Thomas and Anne Rice for my bookish quota. And definitely Joy Wilson (Joy the Baker) and Tracy Benjamin (Shutterbean) as I love their Joy the Baker podcast! I know they're not exactly "celebrities" but they're famous in the blogging world and I think they'd be great to hang out with.

    1. Oh I absolutely love both of those blogs, Jemma and I would love a blogger dinner party too! Xxxxx


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