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Small, happy and having an OAP weekend! #Halloweenrecovery

Yay, Halloween! Can you believe it was already more than a week ago? I feel so behind the times posting about it now but I hope you had a good All Hallows' Eve anyway, and that the hangovers are but a distant, painful memory. I for one spent last Saturday lying on the sofa feeling like the undead, so quite apt I guess given the spooky occasion the night before. Unfortunately, I could not head for an early snooze as I had to stay up to go to my ultimate bff's birthday meal which was not until 9.45! PM! Who do you we think we are eating at this time? Do we think we're on the continent?! Anyway, I say BFF because by the way I was feeling there was absolutely no way I would have left the house for anyone less important. For real.

For us Halloween night turned into to a huge catch up, drinking games, far too much vodka jelly, singing sessions (I do believe the entire Frozen soundtrack was performed as a one woman show by yours truly) and I must admit it felt so good when the birthday girl said 'shall we just stay here?' To be fair it was easily half 12 at this point and we probably wouldn't have gotten any kind of taxi to the city centre, but still. So we stayed up chatting, real adult chats like our future children's names, marriage, hen dos etc etc. We are all aware that we are not yet engaged but seeing as we are all in very long term relationships it seems fine to discuss these tres important matters to our girly hearts' content. I don't know if our boyfriends (who were all there mind you) felt the same but hey ho!

I have decided that I do like playing the host. I think it suits my personality well, I feel awkward not wanting to overstep my place in other people's spaces as I can be a bit of a Take-Over Tilly plus I like I am very maternal and love doing things for other people so all in all it suits me very well.

However, I must admit, it also feels nice when you get your space back, the make up can come off, the pjs can be very much on (lucky boyfriend, I know) and you can truly just be in your space. Bliss.

That's exactly what this weekend is going to be, we're planning on doing a lot of cooking, a lot of X factor watching (staple winter telly) and a whole lot of nothing else. I played at being a teenager again last week and I think this weekend I'm more than happy pretending I'm an OAP, snuggling up and going to bed very early.

Anyone else with me? Anyone else love just love slobbing out after a heavy one or are you all party animals every weekend?! Go on, make me feel bad!

Sophia x

Small, happy and currently... #1

It's Friday, how fantastic!

It's also my sister's birthday today so that has given me an extra wave of excitement, what can I say, I just love birthdays!  So here's a round up of things I've been reading, loving, thinking about currently.

Reading: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I love a good period drama and this book has been on my to read list for a while.  It follows the Hale family, in particular the daughter, strong willed Margaret (think Elizabeth Bennett and you're not far off!) as they up sticks and move from their comfortable Southern life to a working class industrial town up North.  See where the title comes in?  Anyway, Margaret has her own ideas about the people who live in Milton town and in particular John Thornton, the factory boss who has hired her father to work as a tutor.  Sparks are going to fly and I'm very excited to see where this one goes.  Also, there's a BBC adaption on Netflix and I've promised myself I won't watch it until I finish!

Eating: some amazing food (if I do say so myself). I've been cooking up a bit of a comfort food storm (healthy though as always) these have included a red lentil dahl, some delicious stir fries and some immense stuffed squash.  I am literally in food heaven right not and I am really appreciating the looser working schedule as it is allowing me to (attempt to) morph into the domestic goddess I have always yearned to be!

Dreaming: about New York.  I had a dream I was back there the other day and it has made me miss the place so much. I never thought you could miss somewhere in such a strong, heart wrenching way but I guess NYC can do that to you.  I can't wait to go back someday but until then I just feel grateful that I have had the chance to go and will keep myself satisfied with looking back at memories and photos.

 Looking forward to: going to Chester tomorrow.  This is another place that very quickly stole my heart.  My sister goes there for university and it's just so beyond pretty that it still makes me just stop and stare (much to the annoyance of the locals I am sure).  The consistency of the beautiful Tudor architecture really makes me feel like I'm in another time.  There's so many lovely shops, restaurants and quirky small streets and I know I have so much more to discover here which is very exciting!

Thinking: about Halloween costumes!  It's my best friend's birthday on Halloween and I need to think of a good costume.  We usually steer away from the typical ghosts, zombies and other such like scary fare.  Although, I have been known to dress up as a cat on several other occasions with other friends (it's just so easy!)  But anyway, my lovely friend is very unique and as such, all our costumes should be too.  I'm thinking either Mary Poppins, Britney in her Baby one more time video or Wednesday Adams.  If you're wondering about how on Earth the first two ideas came into being I have two words for you - Lauren Conrad.

What about you?  What are your current obsessions?  What are you reading/watching?  Do you have any unusual and different Halloween costume ideas?  Let me know!

Sophia x
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