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Small, happy and getting motivated #1

Today as it's a Monday (and who doesn't need a little boost on a Monday?!) I thought I'd share one of my favourite motivational quotes that I've pinned on my Pinterest board 'Inspiring'. I find doing this really therapeutic, if I'm ever feeling a little..meh, it really helps me calm and refocus and gets me out of my funk. This quote below really, really struck a chord with me.

So true.

This is so so true, and I have never felt that this quote is more applicable than when you're in your 20s.  All the way through school it's the same, you and everyone your age goes to school and you do GCSEs.  You might do an after school club or a sport at the weekend  but by and large, you are doing the same as everyone your age.  Then it slowly starts to change.  For me a couple of people went the college route after 16 but most of my class went onto A Levels, uni and then boom we were 21, we had a degree yes, but a clue? Not so much.  All through education I was told, go to uni then you'll be set.  Set on the path to career, marriage, babies, whatever you choose, with a degree behind you you're sure not to lose.  Just felt like rhyming, it's all getting a little Dr Seuss up in here.

But everyone I know since then have all taken very different paths.  One friend went straight into work and then tried to utilise her law degree by doing her LPC (solicitor training) and then decided against it.  Another friend went straight into working in the theatre which her degree trained her for (she's a stage manager for operas la de dah!) while my friend and I went into further study after a year doing various work.  I went into teacher training and she chose another three year course to become a speech therapist.

These paths are all very different and no course is 'right'.  It's hard when you're used to looking to your friends to know what the 'norm' is.  We were always able to do that like how many hours should we study for this exam you both have, what AS levels should we drop, when are you allowed by your parents to go out or stay at a boyfriend's etc and then suddenly you all leave uni and everyone's playing a different game to you, a different life.

It's difficult because it's human nature to compare ourselves, and it really is the thief of joy comparison.  I've been lucky enough to move in with my boyfriend into a wonderful flat in a beautiful area of the UK, but all I can think is that I'm doing supply while friends from my PGCE are working full time in their placement schools because they stayed in the same area.  Instead of comparing my position in my career to theirs, I should be thinking how grateful I am that this choice that I've made has moved me along greatly in terms of where I want to be living my life and ultimately that will help me in my career because I am in a fantastic catchment area with some great, great schools.

What I (and this quote) are trying to say is that wherever you are and whatever you're doing in your life, that's okay, that's 'right'.  As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters.  Just because your friend might be married or be having a baby or be in the exact career they want to be in that does not mean you need to have all that sorted out yet.  Nor does it mean that you are any less 'ahead'.  In some ways you'll have progressed more in some areas of your life and in some ways you might need longer to sort somethings out, and that's fine.  Once we get through school life becomes a bit murkier and while people may comment and say things like 'isn't it time you got a real job?' or 'aren't you ready to quit travelling and settle down?' they do not have to live your life, YOU DO, and you are the one who needs to be happy with it.  After they've made their comment they go back to their lives and get on with their own things and their own comparisons, they're not worrying about you and what you're doing, trust me.  If you live your life because of what you think others think you should be doing at that stage you won't be happy.  I don't know much, but I know that, I have learnt that.  I am trying to make sure that I'm happy with what I'm doing and that's working for me right now.   All we can do is try and be kind to our selves, stop comparing and start celebrating what you are doing right, which is probably a hell of a lot!

If you have any inspiring quotes or any great boards that you follow (quotes or just general, I'm Pinsessed! Does that work? I'm not sure...) please share, I'm all ears!
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