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Small and happy's TOP 10 girly movies!

I adore girly movies. As a massive Disney fan I'm sure this is no real surprise to anyone. I'm not a fan of chick lit at all, but when it comes to movies, I just can't resist a nice, heart warming boy meets girl story. 

I had a really bad week's sleep due to illness recently and one of the things I did while I was lying awake was try and think of my top 10 favourite romantic, girly movies. It turned out to be easier than I thought! 

Now I've listed them I feel like I need a massive marathon watching these with some of my girlfriends or my sister! One of my best friends is coming to stay in February as I've already mentioned so I reckon we'll have to crack some of these on over some food! Pizza for her, courgetti for me. #oppositesattract 

1// Legally Blonde. This film gave us the 'bend and snap' I feel like that should make it staple to any girly favourites list. However, it also includes the fabulous Reese Witherspoon, some serious girl power and some fantastic quotes, 'exercise give you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't murder their husbands.' One of many gems. Oh and Luke Wilson (brother of Owen) is just beyond adorable in this too!

2// Bring It On. I loved this film even before I became a mega cheerleading fanatic at uni (yes, really and expect posts on this soon!) because it's just so deliciously cheesy and peppy and American! The underdog team, the bitch fights, the pulling together, the Hey Mickey dance off at the end...This movie just makes me very happy on so many levels! Now show me your spirit fingers!!

3// When Harry met Sally. The classic. The best. The ultimate. Watch it and then watch it again, and again. And yes, that is Mike Wazowski's voice! I feel like this is the romantic film that birthed all others. It is perfect and quite frankly, Meg Ryan's perm deserves recognition. Plus it's set in the big apple spanning the Autumn and Christmas period, is there a better time to be in NYC?!

4// How to lose a guy in ten days. I love this. Not only is Matthew McConaughey a total total dish but Kate Hudson is hilarious and the two of them have great chemistry. If you haven't seen this it's basically a tale of two bets gone horribly wrong but it all ends nicely and sweetly (with a nice New York backdrop as per!) and is definitely worth a watch! 

5// Aaah, Pride and Prejudice. When romantic films get classy. I know people love the BBC version and I get that, Colin Firth and what not. But, Joe Wright's version for me is just classic. The music, the supporting cast, an adorable ginger Bingley, the fact that Pemberley is Chatsworth (it's practically by my house! Ish...) all make it a delight to watch. Plus I love Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and I think he and Keira Knightley are wonderful together.

6// About Time. This movie is perfect. So, so romantic and thought provoking and it's genuinely one of those movies that stays with you long after you've seen it. It really made me think about loving and appreciating every day. Beautiful movie. If you haven't seen I'd say it's about time you did! Oh, the wit...

7// Friends with benefits. This is just a fun, sexy, easy to watch comedy. You could watch this with your boyfriend and he wouldn't moan about it being too girly, plus it's got Mila Kunis so that should keep him happy too! It addresses the age old question of men and women being 'just' friends with a adorable performance from Justin Timberlake and some really fun supporting cast members too. A gay Woody Harrelson anyone? Yes, Haymitch from Hunger Games!

8// Miss Congeniality. This is just too good. I could watch this over and over. Sandra Bullock as the undercover FBI agent is a classic girly watch. It's got beauty pageants, Michael Caine and some good old fashioned beauty queen drama, I honestly don't know what is missing from this movie. It's brilliant.

9// Clueless. Ugh as if! Yes, how could I miss this movie off?! The modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma is perfect to watch with your friends. You'll laugh at Cher's misguided matchmaking attempts and you'll swoon over Paul Rudd all the while coveting her ultra retro wardrobe!

10// Crazy, Stupid Love. I could just say the immortal words: Ryan Gosling and that would be reason enough to make this movie number one of your next girl night hotlist. However, Emma Stone, Steve Carell and some lovely, heartwarming storylines make this, in my opinion, one of the best romantic films in a long, long time.

Are any of these in your top ten? Are you a romantic comedy fan? What have I missed out?! Any recommendations? I feel shocked to realise I've missed out Mean Girls but that needs an honorary mention in its own category I feel! 

Sophia x

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