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Small, happy and celebrating all things BRITISH.

Seeing as the amount of people who are aware of this blog is still in the miniscule minority I have tagged myself for #TheBritishtag purely because I saw it floating around several blogs and I am always going to jump at a chance to wax lyrical about my home country. Yes, I am half Portuguese, but I was born here and feel pretty British, except when I'm in Portgual or when I'm getting overly passionate and Mediterranean about things! So here goes, time to celebrate tea, corgis, Kate Middleton, Harry Potter, Richard Curtis movies and cottages, and the Vicar of Dibley! I shall stop now and get to the point, although rambling on is quite a British trait in itself...

1) How many cups of tea do you have a day?
 Probably about four or five and this is one of Emma Bridgewater's pint mugs so that is a pretty mean feat. However, less British about this is the fact that I drink green tea. I was converted a couple of years ago and I will happily drone on to anyone who will listen about how good it makes me feel and how I think everyone should try it!

2) Favourite part of a roast?
Seeing as I'm a bit of a flexitarian I'm going to say the vegetables. I am veg obsessed, for real. I know it's weird. Also, I'm a northerner so how could I not love the gravy too!

3) Favourite dunking biscuit?
Not a biscuit dunker really, but digestive biscuits, rich tea and hob nobs are all fine by me, I just don't eat them!

4) Favourite quintessential British past time?
 Got to be just sitting and catching up over a cup of tea, also I love walking around Chatsworth and other typically British places.

5) Favourite word?
 I use a lot of lovely, wonderful, marvellous other Englishy sounding words like that. I love the phrase 'pissing it down' and 'holiday' if only because the Americans don't ever say them! Crumpet is also a pretty nice British word so I like that too.

6) Cockney rhyming slang?
 Dog and Bone, learnt it from that Amanda Bynes (and Colin Firth!) movie 'What a Girl Wants' about an American girl in London, go figure!

7) Favourite sweet?
 Anything that exists in Charlie and the chocolate factory!

8) What would your pub be called?
Something like 'The Cunning Fox'.  Anything to do with foxes basically, very British and they're cute.

9) No 1 British person?
 The Queen. David Beckham. J.K. Rowling. Yes, I'm ignoring the 'number one' part.

10) Favourite shop/restaurant?
Got to be Topshop!

11) What British pop song pops into your head?
 ANYTHING by Spice Girls, always and forever I will love you. Girl power etc etc.

12) Marmite?
 Genuinely I think it's okay, partial to a bit of Bovril too.

Other British things I love are the Royal family, the beautiful countryside, our wonderful capital city, our British ways and mannerisms, the NHS (how lucky are we?!), GBBO, Shakespeare, James Bond and our fantastically interesting history. We have many things to be grateful for in Britain and I think it's quite typically British that we don't stop and appreciate it enough.
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