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Small, happy and ready for 2014!

Happy New Year!!

I was so ready for 2014 even though it's going to be a little bit on the crazy and hectic side, I am determined to be positive and STOP WORRYING.  Think that's probably a lot of people's resolution, so let's all try it this year!

This will be the year that I WILL:

  • Complete my Primary PGCE (this one will fill me with such glee!)
  • Keep trying new and healthy recipes (and post them on here!)
  • Keep a memory jar and update it every day
  • Be more positive and more patient with the people around
  • Keep practising my French
  • Plan more travels for 2014 and beyond!
It is also the year that I will finally move in with Duncan and we will travel to BRAZIL to see the world cup!!  So lots of exciting things to write about on here!

Any great new year's resolutions to share?  How did you spend NYE?  I had a very quiet one in, cooking and watching Lord of the Rings, well come on, I'm clearly not 18 anymore!! #granny

Sophia x
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