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Small, happy and life lately!

Helloooo my lovely lot,

How are we this Friday Eve?!

Once again my life is going full steam ahead (and even that phrase I feel doesn't suffice) but hey ho that's the life of a teacher in the summer term! I can't sit down for a very long chat I'm afraid so here's a sneaky snapshot of us in Copenhagen last weekend and a round up of life lately!

Eating// Waitrose's delicious healthy choice raspberry balsamic vinegar #middleclassfoods. Totally brightening up my work lunches!

Watching// Jurassic World again. Seriously go if you haven't seen it yet! The film=epic. Chris Pratt=hot.

Wanting// a chow chow dog. I mean sorry, I'm seeing them everywhere I go (so it's obviously a sign) and how could you not want this face in your life on a permanent basis?!

Planning// our South East Asia trip. Anyone got any recommendations for Vietnam or Bali?!

Lifting// weights. Yeah, that's right. My new Pure Gym membership is working me hard!

Obsessing// over House of Cards. I accidentally spoiled myself for the end of season 3 but it only made me want to get to the end of the season more!

Coveting// ALL the summer clothes but knowing I have no need for anything new in my wardrobe.

Reminiscing// about our lovely weekend trip to Copenhagen this past week. Somewhere I really hadn't thought to go and I'm so glad I did. If you're in the UK I really recommend it for a nice trip away. So clean, friendly and some lovely places with lots to do!

Feeling// rushed off my feet, happy, excited, lucky, achy, loved...

And about a million and one other things, but that's life isn't it?!

So catch me up, what's new (pussycat?)

Sophia xxx 

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