Small, happy and watching WAY too much tv.

There is a silver lining when it comes to the stressful, yet extremely rewarding, work that is being a teacher and that is the summer break! I'm going to stop there before I create any green eyed monsters, because I know I am extremely lucky to have this time, but you can be sure that I am using this time very VERY reading and watching too much tv. So right now, these are the shows that are light my proverbial fire! 

 Made in Chelsea: NYC 

I am addicted to reality shows like this, show me some Kardashians or Made in Chelsea or The Hills and I am sold. Basically any show where the people have more money than sense. This is way Geordie Shore has never appealed, no sense but equally not money and as such no lavish lifestyles for me to fawn over. However, as a northerner I love watching the Chelsea lot with their affected accents and endless drama and bitch fights. I mean seriously, I could not cope with this, girls are so mean and scary! Anyway, I was thrilled to hear they were filming in my all time favourite place on Earth, New York City baby! However, the storylines (and yeah let's not be naive it is scriptedish) haven't gripped me as much and some of the people are graaaaaating. That Billie girl?! She needs to leave my beautiful Stevie alone, anyone else just wish he'd get with Lucy? Anyway, this is the part where I get weirded out talking about real people's love lives I'mma stop right here. So yeah, loving the NYC shots but looking forward to the normal Chelsea madness that will return when they return from the Empire State. 

Breaking Bad 

Really no point discussing this seeing as I am the LAST person on Earth (and probably Mars at this point) to have watched this show. I can't even admit that I've finished it, I am literally just starting season 2. I need to commit to this I really do, it's just Gilmore Girls dvds and Come Dine With Me are too alluring sometime. But seeing how the show just cleaned up at the Emmys, I really do just need to get a move on, because what I've seen so far, I've loved! 

Great British Bake Off 

Or should I say, the show that shocks the nation. I love this for so many reasons, not only because it is everything great about Britain. It's funny, but also kind of sad, that with all the political unrest and the Scotland vote and everything else that's going on what really grinds Britain's gears is a baked alaska being thrown away. Meltdown on so many levels. Mostly, I just love the simplicity of it. In a world full of technology and instant gratification and consumerism it's lovely that people still enjoy the simple art of baking, and waiting for something that they have worked to achieve. I love that. And mostly I love drooling over Paul, you thought I was gonna say the bakes right?! Haha, no it's Paul's piercing eyes that slay me, and Mary's wonderful fashion sense of course. Sort of depressing that a 79 year old dresses better than I ever did or will! 


 I am seriously addicted to this show and this is the reason that Breaking Bad has taken a slight back seat (sorry Walt!) This show is everything I love to watch basically. Lauren Graham aka Lorelai Gilmore is back in my life in this show following a very large family and all of their various dramas and the ups and downs of family life. The show is so well acted, so realistic and I just love watching the parents deal with the issues. For example, the issues of living with Asperger's, adopting children, battling cancer are just some of the hard hitting storylines the show has addressed in a very real, yet sill enjoyable way. Love it! I don't even know where it's shown here in the UK so suffice to say this is a little US gem!


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