Small, happy and doing...nothing at all.

Well hello there lovely people!

I bring you this photo from my earlier stint on the beach and I'm afraid not much else! I am currently in the gorgeous corner of the Earth that is the Algarve in Portugal seeing my wonderful family.

My days here consist of going to the beach, eating too much and plenty of Mediterranean dramatic moments in between which my fully English boyfriend is amused by to no end. We're just dramatic, passionate people who love to gossip, can't help it!

I will update more soon but right now I am in need of some serious relaxing time after such a hard term at school. Us teachers need breaks! (Waits for the 'teachers have too many holidays as it is' eye roll)

Speaking of holidays, have you been away? Any good UK staycations?! Perhaps some far flung exotic locations? Fill me in, I'd like some good reading material so link me below!

Lots and lots of love,

Sophia xxxx


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