Small and Happy's 10 reasons I LOVE Moulin Rouge!

That's right. I can think of 10 reasons and I'm sure you could have too if you'd given it as much thought as me, but then again this is my all time favourite movie so perhaps you don't think about this musical gem as much as I do. 

This list was inspired after 'Come what may' popped up on my iPod and it got me thinking 'God Ewan McGregor is amazing, in fact...this song is amazing...this whole movie is just amazing, I wonder how many reasons for just how great this movie is I could come up with...'

And voila, an deep insight into my blog writing on y va!

1. It's a musical. This in my book makes any movie infinitely better than your average film. Except Mean Girls, that golden nugget is just perfect as it is.

2. It's set in Paris. Now the city of lights may not set mes pantalons on fire with excitement like it does for 99% of the female population (save the part which houses Disneyland) however even I know that a pretty cool location makes this movie have that certain je ne sais quoi.

3. The Sound of Music reference. Sure, it's tiny bit in the film and if you don't remember it then you clearly have watched this movie less than five times, that's not okay so go bump up that number please. But yes, two musicals in one? Sounds great to me! 

4. It's got Kylie! I don't want to stereotype but could this movie have any more gay friendly elements?! The Parisian chic, drama and now a pop princess dressed as a fairy?! This is the film that just keeps on giving.

5. It has the ULTIMATE mash up. Like for real, the Elephant Love Medley so expertly combines so many songs that it makes every mash up Glee ever did look like child's play. And that hard for me to say because I have a special (and very secret) place in my heart for their 'It's my life' mash up with Usher's Confessions. Another example of musical genius right there.

6. Jim Broadbent. If him running around singing Like a Virgin with a white sheet flapping around on his head doesn't make you laugh then I don't really know what your deal is.

7. The fact that a lot of it takes place in an elephant. That's just exotic and cool and a whole host of other adjectives.

8. Ewan McGregor. His face, his voice, his eyes. His innocent beauty and love for Christine makes me tear up every time. Why is he not more of a thing still? Those sky, broadband adverts whatever he did recently just have not fulfilled the Ewan shaped hole in my life.

9. Come What May-a beautiful duet and one of my all time 'ill just sing along to this at the top of my lungs even though I can't carry a tune and try and sing both parts at the same time because I think I'm so talented' tracks. You know the ones I mean my friends.

10. Finally, it is an ultimate star crossed lovers story offering up such pearls of wisdom like 'the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return', the slightly more somber 'jealously will drive you mad' idea and the just plain silly myth that men will recite poetry they've written just for you when they're trying to woo you. Firstly, they just want the clothes off and secondly, this isn't bohemian Paris mes amis so any concept of wooing is exactly where the waiting theatrical eavesdroppers (another little reference!) are...right out the (elephant shaped) door. 

So there you go...some slightly mad but most I legitimate reasons as to why I just love this film so much. It has everything I could want and I definitely think I'll be popping it in the DVD player once I'm back from this travelling malarkey! 

What's your favourite film? Have you ever written a post about it? Is there someone out there who loves this film like I do?! Tell me please so we can be friends! 


PS- that last part sounded desperate I know. I need you to know I actually do have a lot of friends, like too many to make time to see (#popularproblems....more like #busyteacherproblems) but I don't have a fellow Moulin Rouge obsessive in my life so if you're one of them, make your extremely discerning self known to me! 


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