Small, happy and what I REALLY want for Christmas.

Now I must admit that I'm not massively materialistic, however even I usually love to create a good old wishlist around this time of year. 

Despite this, this year I found myself racking my brains trying to think of what my family could get me this year. When I stopped and thought (and really thought) I realised that what I REALLY want can't be bought. So I haven't asked anyone for any of these things, perhaps I am asking myself and the universe I suppose...

My (real) Christmas wishlist:

For no more attacks to occur like the monstrosities we had in Paris.

For people to have food on their table not just for Christmas but for the whole year.

That mental health would be taken seriously and people given the help and support they need.

That we find a cure for cancer.

That children all up and down the UK (and particularly those in my class) have a safe, happy home life where they are shown love.

That we don't lose ourselves in social media and that our children and teenagers realise how it does not represent real life.

That people stop discriminating against people for ridiculous reasons.

Wouldn't it be great if just one of these wishes came true? I know it sounds corny and of course I lust after THINGS as much as the next person but as I age I really am thinking about the world and the happiness of those around me. So I pray that one of these wishes come true for at least some people this Christmas!

What would be your one Christmas miracle wish? 

Sophia xxxx


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