Small and Happy's New Year Goals (let's do this!)

Hello there! Happy new year and all that jazz! I am slightly late to the blogging new year's party and no that is not because I have been nursing the world's biggest hangover. In actual fact my NYE was spent reading with my boyfriend, watching big fat quiz and desperately trying to stay up!  This picture therefore is from early Christmas morning when I was full of excited Christmas beans!

But don't be thinking that my lack of energy on new year's pertains to how I feel about 2016, no way Jose! I am extremely excited for what this new year will bring.  Mostly because I see it as a time to make to do lists, goals, resolutions and all those good things.  I am lucky because I am quite a goal oriented, driven person anyway so I love to make goals and usually I achieve them. Now I'm not showing off when I say that (I'm really not!) I literally feel that I mostly achieve goals because I follow the SMART template.  Not heard of this?  Well, carry on really my lovelies (it blew my mind!)

If you've made 2016 goals (resolutions, dreams whatever you like to call them) ask yourself, are they?

Specific (one gym class a week)
Measurable (run 5 miles - I don't know if that's achievable/too easy I am the Jon Snow of running!)
Achievable (get Kim Kardashian's butt with no work (cough or surgery) not so much)
Results focused (eat better, not so clear, have a portion of veg in each meal, easier to see results!)
Time bound (write four poems too vague, write four poems by the end of June gives you something to work towards)

A lot of people have heard these before but I thought I'd share them in case you're needing a bit of guidance making goals for yourself that you feel you can stick to!

So, as I'm sure you're all desperate to know here are some of my goals for this 2016!

* Visit one new country.
* Read 15 books by the end of the year.
*Volunteer for at least one organisation.
*Do an online course in either literature or psychology.
*Go to the cinema or theatre once a month.
*Cook one new recipe a month.
*Two exercise related activities a month.
*Call/facetime/text a friend every week.

Now I feel good about all of these because I don't think anything of them are unattainable, if anything I will do better in some which will make me feel great!  I'm not saying set the bar low but I've set the bar at the minimum I would be happy with in each category and that's what I'll push myself towards.  Anything extra is a mega bonus!

The most important thing with goals is always YOU ARE AMAZING AS YOU ARE.  Any extra tweaks you want to make or extra things you want to do just add to the wonderful person you already are.  That's how I see the new year, a time to reflect on all the awesome stuff I already do and think about how I could improve on my fantabulous self.  Love yourself and don't berate yourself for not always hitting those goals.  Life is a marathon not a sprint and we can grow all the time no matter what time of year it is :)

Do you use the SMART method when you make goals?  Do you have any resolutions?  Please share!

Happy Sunday,



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