Small and 10 happy things! #3

Hello there all and goodbye January!!  

So in a week that involved some intense laryngitis, can I manage to think of TEN happy things?!  I think this girl can!  If you didn't get the reference there, then hold up a minute because my first happy thing this week is...

1// The 'This Girl Can' campaign.  I love that we are in a world where adverts like are being made and feminism and being a strong, competitive, athletic woman is something to be praised and admired.  I love it and it makes me smile and feel empowered every time I see it.

Check it out here if you haven't seen it or watch it again and jiggle if you feel like it!

2// Being able to finish work early on Thursday because of the snow. In a poorly week this was a Godsend!

3// Meeting one of my bestest friends ever for lunch yesterday. We had a lovely catch up and she's coming to stay with me in March. Zumba has been planned!!

4// Friday evening! Boyfriend and I have a lovely tradition now of him picking me up at work and then going to do our food shop and then cooking something lovely together and just chilling out. Sounds pretty simple but then, I love the simple things.

5// Almost missing my bus stop on several occasions! I know this doesn't sound good but trust me it is when you do it because your book is so engrossing!

6// Having some time this weekend to start thinking about Summer travel. Namely Bali and Singapore. These are the two places we're definitely thinking of hitting on our Summer Asian Adventure and I'm getting really excited learning more about what these places have to offer! 

7// A little H&M spree. I never really shop ever either for time reasons or because (and this is the main reason) I really don't enjoy it too much! However, every now and then I do like a little splurge and I had the time to do that this week because of the snow ending school early. It's always nice to add a few additions to the wardrobe!

8// My wonderful partner. I know this is super lame and cheesy but especially in weeks like this when you're under the weather I am so incredibly grateful for the person I share my house, heart and life with (I am under painkillers, remember this!) from reading my book to me to dashing out to buy paracetamol, he's such a gem and I am so lucky.

9// Pinning recipes and making new dishes. Tonight we're making a sweet potato, spinch and lentil curry and boyfriend is so excited because this means he gets to make another curry paste from scratch! I shall let you ll know how it goes! 

10// And finally, my massive highlight of the week. It was our school's poetry performance week and my class's performance was chosen as the best and they were asked to perform it again for the school. They memorised the whole thing and remembered their moves and seeing how nervous they'd been and seeing their pride and shock with all the praise they got made my heart absolutely melt. Completely an 'it's all worth it' moment. Every job needs them and this was a fantastic and joyful way to end the week! 

How was your last week of January?! Any highlights? Have you been to South East Asia? Where would you recommend?! 

Speak soon! 

Sophia x


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