Small and happy's 50 things that make me smile :)

So due to my boyfriend being poorly I had a lot of time by myself this weekend and it meant I was feeling a little blue at times. Then I stopped myself and realised that it's so silly to feel that way when there are so many little joys in life and after all, my word for 2015 is joyful! 

To that end I've decided to see if I could list 50 things that never fail to make me smile. Turns out it was much easier than I thought, it's all about the little things :)

1. Warm cuddles in bed with my boyfriend.

2. Whatsapping with my mum and sister.

3. A lovely mug of green tea.

4. Finishing a brilliant book.

5. Watching a purely romantic, girly movie.

6. Flicking through cookbooks and getting inspired.

7. Touching down in Portugal, knowing that I'll be seeing my family.

8. Writing my diary.

9. Calling my grandma on the way home from work.

10. A new issue of my favourite magazine.

11. Going to the cinema.

12. Reading blogs.

13. Travelling. Making travel plans.

14. Watching a good old Come Dine With Me with some food.

15. PJ days.

16. Phone calls with my Portuguese family.

17. New York.

18. Almond milk.

19. Going to the theatre.

20. Penny, my cuddly panda.

21. Gilmore girls.

22. Nandos.

23. Massages.

24. Visiting my old dancing school. 

25. Doing the food shop with my boyfriend.

26. Visiting new cities.

27. The smell of baking bread.

28. Orchids.

29. Hearing the sea.

30. Listening to some good old fashioned pop music.

31. Harry Potter.

32. When a new episode of one of my favourite shows comes out.

33. Buying cards for people.

34. Eating on my grandma's balcony in Portugal.

35. Feeling the Sun on my face.

36. Wandering round Waterstone's for hours.

37. People playing with my hair.

38. TV marathons with my sister.

39. Cinnamon.

40. Candles burning.

41. Getting home after a long day.

42. Exercising.

43. Fresh fruit. Any fruit, and lots of it.

44. When my students make me laugh or do something nice for me.

45. Festive times with all the family. 

46. Writing exciting events in my calendar!

47. Frozen yoghurt.

48. Kitchen dances to the radio with my boy.

49. Body shop's body butter.

50. Buying new nail varnishes.

Those are just a few things that always put a nice smile on my face. Even just this list is putting me in a good mood! G

What about you? What makes you smile?

Sophia x


  1. *Steals blog post idea*

    36. Wandering round Waterstone's for hours. - Just yes!


  2. I'd love to read yours when you do it, to see what else we have in common! :) I could just spend all day in waterstones! Xxxx


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