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Small and 10 happy things! #15

I must admit I am rather enjoying my weekends as of late. Usually the life of a teacher, while lending to lots of holiday time, actually means that your weekend time is often nonexistent. From planning to marking to general prep/stress, I can find it hard to switch off.


Recently I have been carving out time to go to my local yoga class first thing Saturday morning and this has massively helped me in keeping a state of peace and relaxation and motivation throughout the weekend. So here's what I've been loving this week! 

1. Treating myself to a nice bunch of flowers. It's been a year since we moved in so we decided to spruce up the place with a nice bouquet.

2. Going to see Everest at the cinema. What a tense couple of hours!!

3. Being at home with my mum and sister. Lots of lovely cooking and big catch ups! 

4. The new Starbucks Autumn cups, how gorgeous are these?! Filled with a nice chai tea, it was the epitome of the season.

5. The beautiful Minnie Mouse notebook my sister brought me back from Disneyland Paris. Going straight on my desk! 

6. Waking up early and watching Parent Trap. My sister and I got up super early this morning and hurried downstairs with blankets and tea and delicious, coconutty porridge to cuddle up and watch our FAVOURITE sister bonding film. It brings smiles and tears to our faces and eyes everything time and it's a tradition to watch it together at least once a year.

7. Gogglebox. Just because it's back and it's awesome.

8. A lovely drive over the Pennines. Yes, the snake pass sucks big time but you can't beat the beautiful views on that Sheffield to Manchester drive.

9. A midweek visit from my Grandma. Is there anything better than a visit from one of your faves? I don't think so. 

10. My first EVER experience of a Lush bath bomb! It was the Frozen one for anyone who's interested and it was magical and sparkly and everything I dreamed it would be! 

You see? I even lit myself a couple of candles, totally taking this self care thing mega serious.

So what's made you smile this week? Can you believe it's almost October time? That means Halloween fun is a coming! 

Okay maybe not just yet, sorry, getting too keen! 

Sophia :) xxx
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