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Small, happy and #eatprayloving in Bali.

So I'm slowly sifting through all our wonderful pictures from our Asian adventure this summer (take me back please!!) and I thought I'd share some instagrammable snapshots from our time in Ubud.

Some of you may know Ubud as the third part of Julia Roberts' Eat Pray Love trip and it certainly struck me as a lovely, tranquil place. What the movie missed out however, was that there were motorbikes everywhere! And traffic! Not zen guys.

Despite that (and my spectacular fall in a rice field, ripped trousers, muddy, soggy bottom, the works) I really enjoyed our time there. It's so calming there and every other place is a yoga studio or health/mindful centred place.

I mean look where we stayed! How relaxing is that? We actually ended up having to stay for an extra night because we couldn't get a boat to next destination but it wasn't all bad because it meant I could relax like this...

Our little room was the one on the left on the first floor and most of the time I had the pool to myself! 

As you can see in the collage health food is key in Ubud because healthy body healthy mind and all that jazz and so it was a HAVEN for me. Washing down my vegan salads with a wheatgrass shot might not sound fun and games to you but to me it was bliss.

It was certainly a nice change from some of the more hectic cities we visited!

Have you ever been to Bali? Is it on your bucket list? Where would you like to go to in Asia?

Sophia x

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