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Small and Happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Disney Friday! First things first, is this not the most appropriate birthday card for a 24 year old you've ever seen?

I thought as much.

This (amazing) card might be a clue but this bank holiday Monday it was my birthday! I celebrated with family back home in Sheffield and it was absolutely lovely. There was also a Hello Kitty themed buffet. I kid you not.

Told you! 

See the napkins?!

We also all went for a lovely walk up the moors which was blustery but very scenic!

Anyway, what are you all up to this weekend? I have a pre hen do (apparently this is a thing now?!) which I'm really looking forward to but apart from that I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Let's cross our fingers for some sunshine, yes?

Have a lovely one,

Sophia xxxxx

Small, happy and planning a birthday!

My own, to be exact.

And why the photo of the froyo you may ask? Well, because if it's going to be a perfect birthday then it's gonna have to have fro. Plus, the photo is from the AMAZING froyo I had in Rome which I certainly could do with with this sore throat I'm battling. It was pistachio and hazelnut flavour, guys. I mean COME ON.

I'm a lucky sausage right now, I mean right now I'm off work in bed with a virus so not but aside from that, I'm lucky. 

I have the awesome birthday of May 4th. Yes, as in #mayhefourthbewithyou and all that fun!

Not only that but this date often falls in on around the bank holiday weekend and this year, it's the Monday!

So, what to do, what to do on this special Monday? I know you'll all be planning your own MondayFunday activities also, so I want to know what you're thinking if getting up to!  Wouldn't it be bliss to have a BBQ!?

Yes, it would.

But we live in the U.K.

That being the case, I can't get too ahead of myself with weather dependent plans but I definitely think I need to make a trip for some froyo and spend some time with special people. And that's as far as I've gotten so far! 

How would you spend a 'perfect birthday'? What would it entail?!

Please help this poorly 23 year old plan her birthday!

Lots of love and (germy) kisses,



A new place, a new space ♥

So here we are (or, here I am at least, as I am expecting that I may be the only one here!) almost the end of the year and one of my new year's resolutions is to try and start a blog!  If only as a personal diary for myself and a way to organise my thoughts...

2013 has been crazy, I started the year working full time as a Teaching Assistant in Sheffield which was so rewarding and hard work but really prepared me for my PGCE (but that wasn't until September, I won't get ahead of myself!)

We had that crazy snow which seemed to delay all evidence of Spring or any hope that Summer 2013 would ever come, but it did eventually and I celebrated my 22nd birthday, complete with a fruit cake made my amazing Grandma Carol!  Yes, an actual FRUIT cake, all fruit no cake, perfect for health nut me....

I finished my time at school in June to head off on the BEST trip I have ever had..

I could go on about New York forever, where we spent a blissful, hectic, crazy, exhilarating, tiring two and half weeks however, I feel a whole post is need so I'll park that for now!  

Then it was time to visit my family in Portugal, perfect two weeks bonding with my Mum and Alex, leading such hectic crazy lives and Alex finishing her A-Levels this break had been needed like never before!!  Two weeks on sun, sea, family and true Portuguese traditions of too much food, worrying there wasn't enough food being eaten and basically just other food related worries...

As you can see I am no photographer, I've always been happy to jump in photos but I've never really enjoyed the act of photography, I just love seeing the photos and having the memories!  Luckily Duncan loves taking pictures so we balance each out quite nicely.

Final trip of the year was Barcelona with two of my very best old school friends, we're all working and studying different places so it was lovely to spend a full week together.  It was the week in July where Tom Daley was out there for some diving competition, but sadly we did not cross paths...yes I am aware that he is my little sister's age and is now open is his dating of a man but in my defence, he is too cute, end of.

So that concludes my major travelling of 2013, New York (with VERY short stops in Washington and Philadelphia, the Algarve in Portugal and Barcelona!  I love travelling and it's something I will be writing about a lot here.

I will also be talking about my Primary PGCE of which I am now four difficult months into and already I am looking for the light in at the end of the tunnel and desperately excited to qualify, anyone in the same boat?  Or perhaps there are some NQTs or teachers out there with some wise words?

But mostly this will be a place where I share the things that make this very small person a very small and happy one, which includes book reviews, film and tv reviews, lots of lists (for the OCD teacher side of me!),  wanderlust ideas, pinterest beauts and some motivational and advice posts.  I am an adult child of divorce, a a successful long distance relationship haver and have managed to become a very healthy person after losing weight through the discovery of a much healthier lifestyle, all of which I will be discussing at length for anyone who may be reading and has any interest!

Probably time to sign off now, can't keep pretending this is an escape from doing any work forever!!

Sophia x  
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