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Small and 10 happy things! #12

Well hello there! It's April! And wow is the sun shining! I had a lovely last week of March and there were lots of happy things to round up so here we go! :) My ten last happy things of this month! 

1// Seeing the amazing Easter egg creations at school. The kids pulled out all of the stops creating their scenes using eggs. We had an 'Egg Sheeran', The Owl and the Pussycat and a solar eggclipse!

2// Finishing work for the holiday on Thursday, Thursday! 3.15pm rolled around and I waved goodbye to my class (who were at this stage climbing the walls ready for the break!) and all the teachers just collapsed into giggles and chats about Easter holiday plans! I am really lucky to be in such a fun and supportive work environment. It makes the tough days so much brighter.

3// Getting a lift back to Sheffield. Boyfriend's mum had come over to visit on Thursday and she offered to drive us home with all of our stuff which was just so nice. The convenience of going door to door makes cars so worth it sometimes!

4// A totally blissful Good Friday. My mum, sister and I all went to the cinema early doors in the morning (that's how we roll) to go and see Cinderella. It was absolutely wonderful but I've already banged on about it enough here I know!

5// My grandma sending me a hilarious photo on Whatsapp. I am so thrilled she has taken to the technology and it's so nice that we can share all this silly little moments even when we're apart.

6// Reading The Wrong Knickers. This book has been making me laugh and laugh this week. If you are in your 20s or you've lived through them you will identify with this book! It's an account of The Telegraph writer Bryony Gordon's 'decade of chaos' she calls it and I must admit, it make me thankful for my stable, almost boring lifestyle!!

7// Discovering chamomile tea. Tried it once and hated it but I gave it another go this week and loved it.

8// Getting gel nails! I had my nails done for the first time ever and I am completely in love. I can't believe how good they look, how they've not chipped at all and that they're actually MY nails! A lovely little holiday treat that I think I'll be needing to do more often!

9// Being back at home and sharing a room with my sister. Most people would hate this but my sis and I now share a room (and a bed!) whenever we both happen to be back in Sheffield at the same time. We absolutely love it and it's like having a sleepover with your best friend every night.

10// Champneys spa weekend! My sister, mum and I spent the Easter weekend at Champneys, which is brilliant piece of heaven on Earth! I came away never wanting to leave as usual. I will probably do a more detailed post at another time so I won't delve in too much now but suffice to say, a spa trip is always a good idea no?

How was your last week of March? Did you have a lovely Easter weekend? What did you get up to? 

Lots of love,

Sophia xxx

Small, happy and rounding up March!

Perhaps #madmarch would have been more appropriate.

Usually this is the kind of post where people wax lyrical about how they can't believe how fast the month has gone.

This is not that post. This has not been that month.

Don't get me wrong, as always I've enjoyed lots of fun little moments in March but I've also some very high stress moments like my school being inspected and my boyfriend being hospitalised!

However as we all do, we made it through and now I can look back on March fondly for all the good it DID bring!

I had lots of birthday to celebrate this month, my Dad, my Grandma and one of my best friends. This meant a lovely trip back to Sheffield and lots of great food. My Dad also surprised me and my sister with gift hampers from Champneys, our favourite spa ever, which was completely out of the blue and very much appreciated. The bear pictured now lives on my bed with the rest of the cuddly crew and has been names Clarissa, for anyone who wants to know!

I ended the month with a trip to Liverpool as I've just mentioned and this was just perfect. I loved living there when I was at uni and I'm so glad to be somewhere where I can get back there anytime in less than an hour. I feel so lucky to have such a brilliant group of friends living so near. Two of them also just had offers accepted on house (like proper grown ups) so I forsee lots of housewarmings coming up!!

My grandma also got an iphone this month so we've been having lots of FaceTimes and emoji chats, she is serious fan of the animal ones...I really feel like this has been a wonderful month in terms of family and friends. I've had so much support and love from so many different people and that's what I'm most grateful for in March. It's not about going to lots of different restaurants and fancy places and much I actually DID in
a month that makes it. That's all brilliant don't get me wrong, but what makes a great month (and a great life) is those special people that we surround ourselves with. 

So on that note, I for one feel very lucky to be coming away from March feeling yes, drained, slightly worried (for my boyfriend's health) and sleepy. But I also feel very loved, supported and cared for. So that makes it a pretty awesome month in my book!

How was your March? Do you ever have months where everything crazy comes at once? What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small and 10 happy things! #9

A bit of a crazy week which has ended with a lot of hospital visits so it's all been a bit unexpected! Everyone's fine it's just my boyfriend has a severe eye infection which is needing 24 hour, on the hour care. Despite a worrying week on that front I have managed to have some highlights (always looking for silver lining!) so here are my ten happy things from the last seven days!

1. Boyfriend doing a mini shop on Monday for all my supermarket essentials despite being so poorly! This is even more amazing now knowing he's been admitted to hospital since. What a kind soul.

2. My tutoring sessions going really well on Monday. Started the week off nicely!

3. Getting picked up from school on Friday by my grandma (feeling like a kid again!)

4. An amazing and inspiring course. On Thursday I went on a teaching behaviour course and it was so fantastic. The speaker was incredible and it was so invigorating and interesting! Plus it was at Man City's stadium so that's another Manchester sight ticked off! 

5. Being back at home in Sheffield with my mum and sister this weekend. This was already planned and with boyfriend in hospital it was great that I wasn't in the house by myself!

6. Having a buffet lunch with my family for my Dad and grandma's birthdays. My grandma put on an amazing spread (as she always does) and we all had a wonderful catch up with some quality time. She and M&S make one hell of a team!

7. Going out for a birthday meal that same evening for one of my best friend's birthdays. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and it was lovely to have some good food and conversation with some of my nearest and dearest. They have all offered so much love and support during this time too which has made me feel so lucky.

8. Mother's Day celebrations. Mum, sister and I all went to the cinema together. We saw Focus and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the scenes where Will Smith had a shirt on... ;)

9. Watching The Inbetweeners movie while doing some weekend work. Does this movie get anyone really in the mood for summer? 

10. Getting a wonderful, surprise gift from my Dad. He, out of the blue, got my sister and I a gorgeous package from Champneys spa (aka our favourite place on Earth) full of products and an official teddy bear! I can confirm the bear has been christened Clarissa (she is fancy after all) and she is extremely soft and has settled in perfectly with the rest of my cuddlies. Yes, I know I am old. #noregrets

So how's your week been? What's made you smile? This week has really shown me to appreciate every small little thing so let's hear some of your little surprising gems! 

Lots of love,

Sophia x

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