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Small and happy's 50 things that make me smile :)

So due to my boyfriend being poorly I had a lot of time by myself this weekend and it meant I was feeling a little blue at times. Then I stopped myself and realised that it's so silly to feel that way when there are so many little joys in life and after all, my word for 2015 is joyful! 

To that end I've decided to see if I could list 50 things that never fail to make me smile. Turns out it was much easier than I thought, it's all about the little things :)

1. Warm cuddles in bed with my boyfriend.

2. Whatsapping with my mum and sister.

3. A lovely mug of green tea.

4. Finishing a brilliant book.

5. Watching a purely romantic, girly movie.

6. Flicking through cookbooks and getting inspired.

7. Touching down in Portugal, knowing that I'll be seeing my family.

8. Writing my diary.

9. Calling my grandma on the way home from work.

10. A new issue of my favourite magazine.

11. Going to the cinema.

12. Reading blogs.

13. Travelling. Making travel plans.

14. Watching a good old Come Dine With Me with some food.

15. PJ days.

16. Phone calls with my Portuguese family.

17. New York.

18. Almond milk.

19. Going to the theatre.

20. Penny, my cuddly panda.

21. Gilmore girls.

22. Nandos.

23. Massages.

24. Visiting my old dancing school. 

25. Doing the food shop with my boyfriend.

26. Visiting new cities.

27. The smell of baking bread.

28. Orchids.

29. Hearing the sea.

30. Listening to some good old fashioned pop music.

31. Harry Potter.

32. When a new episode of one of my favourite shows comes out.

33. Buying cards for people.

34. Eating on my grandma's balcony in Portugal.

35. Feeling the Sun on my face.

36. Wandering round Waterstone's for hours.

37. People playing with my hair.

38. TV marathons with my sister.

39. Cinnamon.

40. Candles burning.

41. Getting home after a long day.

42. Exercising.

43. Fresh fruit. Any fruit, and lots of it.

44. When my students make me laugh or do something nice for me.

45. Festive times with all the family. 

46. Writing exciting events in my calendar!

47. Frozen yoghurt.

48. Kitchen dances to the radio with my boy.

49. Body shop's body butter.

50. Buying new nail varnishes.

Those are just a few things that always put a nice smile on my face. Even just this list is putting me in a good mood! G

What about you? What makes you smile?

Sophia x

Small and 10 happy things! #9

A bit of a crazy week which has ended with a lot of hospital visits so it's all been a bit unexpected! Everyone's fine it's just my boyfriend has a severe eye infection which is needing 24 hour, on the hour care. Despite a worrying week on that front I have managed to have some highlights (always looking for silver lining!) so here are my ten happy things from the last seven days!

1. Boyfriend doing a mini shop on Monday for all my supermarket essentials despite being so poorly! This is even more amazing now knowing he's been admitted to hospital since. What a kind soul.

2. My tutoring sessions going really well on Monday. Started the week off nicely!

3. Getting picked up from school on Friday by my grandma (feeling like a kid again!)

4. An amazing and inspiring course. On Thursday I went on a teaching behaviour course and it was so fantastic. The speaker was incredible and it was so invigorating and interesting! Plus it was at Man City's stadium so that's another Manchester sight ticked off! 

5. Being back at home in Sheffield with my mum and sister this weekend. This was already planned and with boyfriend in hospital it was great that I wasn't in the house by myself!

6. Having a buffet lunch with my family for my Dad and grandma's birthdays. My grandma put on an amazing spread (as she always does) and we all had a wonderful catch up with some quality time. She and M&S make one hell of a team!

7. Going out for a birthday meal that same evening for one of my best friend's birthdays. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and it was lovely to have some good food and conversation with some of my nearest and dearest. They have all offered so much love and support during this time too which has made me feel so lucky.

8. Mother's Day celebrations. Mum, sister and I all went to the cinema together. We saw Focus and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the scenes where Will Smith had a shirt on... ;)

9. Watching The Inbetweeners movie while doing some weekend work. Does this movie get anyone really in the mood for summer? 

10. Getting a wonderful, surprise gift from my Dad. He, out of the blue, got my sister and I a gorgeous package from Champneys spa (aka our favourite place on Earth) full of products and an official teddy bear! I can confirm the bear has been christened Clarissa (she is fancy after all) and she is extremely soft and has settled in perfectly with the rest of my cuddlies. Yes, I know I am old. #noregrets

So how's your week been? What's made you smile? This week has really shown me to appreciate every small little thing so let's hear some of your little surprising gems! 

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small and Happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday! I feel like this photo completely sums up my excitement for the weekend!

Don't you just love the fireworks at Disney? They're so magical. Usually I get a bit tired of fireworks but I feel like at the end of a magical day with all the music and the characters interspersed in the display Disney's fireworks makes for a perfect end to any day. I don't have them today so I'll just have to pretend with the help of this beautiful picture! Nevertheless, I am still feeling very joyful and happy to be saying hello to Friday once more :)

It's our first Friday in February too, can you believe it?! It's completely flown by and I am finally feeling better! Also the mornings are getting lighter too and it really feels like Spring is on the way. I am looking forward to catching up with some serious sleep and going bowling on Sunday! Yes, total big kid here! I am already preparing for my inner competitive nature (demon!) to be unleashed!

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

Sophia x

Small and 10 happy things! #1

I've decided to try and introduce a new series (not a new idea by any means just new to the blog) as part of my #joyfuljanuary so here are ten little things or moments that made me smile this week.

1.Reaching my 100 pages in January goal in The Luminaries. I wanted to read at least 100 this month and I've already passed it so that's fab! 

2. A new episode of Parenthood! So glad the shows are starting to come back after the winter break and this one was a cracker, I can't believe it's ending soon!

3. Watching boyfriend trading at Altrincham market. I'll write about this in more detail soon but he's started an amazing initiative attempting to help end food poverty in Manchester. So so proud of him.

4. Facetiming my mum today. She went to an office party last night and it was so great to hear her talking about it and all of her other upcoming social plans. If you knew my mum you'd know how big of a thing this is :)

5. The gorgeous Lady and the Tramp shopper bag I bought from Tesco!

6. Having some lovely 24 marathon sessions with boyfriend. I'm loving reliving it all through him as he watches every twist and turn for the first time (his shocked face is too cute...)

7. Us playing squash together this morning. It's becoming a little Sunday tradition and I'm really enjoying having that special time together as we're both so busy midweek.

8. One of my best best friends from uni booked her flights over from Northern Ireland to come see me in half term. Absolutely thrilled to be able to share some quality time with her while most people are working (hehe...)

9. Having time this weekend to look through pinterest and find some new recipe inspiration. I love choosing new dishes to try and having the time to browse and look for new exciting ideas is one of my favourite things.

10. Lazy cuddles in bed. Both mornings this weekend have been blissful. Even though I can't help waking up at 6.30/7ish, the fact that we can laze together and just chill out in bed is so so gooooood.

What has made you happy this week? Any nice little anecdotes to share? 

Lots of love,

Sophia x

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