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Today #joyfuljanuary is.... #2

Hellooooo there everyone! Hope you're all well and have some exciting Saturday activities planned, even if those plans are simply laying in bed and going nowhere( like me).

So while I've been making an active decision everyday to look at all of the little things that are making this a #joyfuljanuary I realise I haven't actually been documenting it all on here as often as I should! So here goes:

Recently for me #joyfuljanuary has been:

- Adorable mini versions of things. Namely this tiny pomegranate and chia shot drink from Pret a manger as pictures above. I swear if I could eat very meal there I would, happily.

- Some girls in my class telling me that having me as their teacher is like 'winning the top prize at bingo'. I mean, seriously that's what it's all about really, isn't it?

- Hearing that my sister is finally settled in her new uni house. As much as I'm a positive person, if she's down I just worry about her so it's great to hear she's doing well.

- Organising to go out with some of the girls from work. It's nice when you start at a new place to get in with the social side of things as well I always think. Plus I love making new friends (work friennnd!) so this will be really fun and is something I didn't already have planned for January! So that's a bonus!

- Being able simply to lie in and have a green tea today and catch up with some blogs and have some me time. My sister has cancelled her netflix account and I may or may not have been using it so this is something I might need to look into signing up to today! 

- Trying new things. This week I volunteered at Brownies which I didn't love as much as I expected. I was working with children who had too much of everything with no gratitude for their blessings and frankly going from the children I work with everyday who are barely fed and washed and seeing these other children moaning about their daddy's lumpy mash and herby sausages rubbed me up the wrong way! However I am joyful about the fact that I tried something new and learned from it and it made me realise how much I love where I'm working right now.

- Finding another new exercise class to love. Fitness is my jam. I'm lucky that I really genuinely enjoy exercise classes (not spinning mind you, nooo way) and this new aerobics one I did on Wenesday was the perfect combination of toning and cardio so it was right up my street! Next up I'd like to try bikram yoga. There's a class in the northern quarter so I might have to get involved, if I can handle the hipsterness. Or if they can handle me being so mainstream...

- Playing music in the mornings. I've never been one for just having music on in the background, however I've changed with that recently. I'm not really sure why but I've been loving putting on blinkbox music on my phone (get this, it's awesome!) and dancing along to their playlists whilst getting ready for work at 6.30am! Their noughties one is a particular favourite. It really helps me start my day feeling energised and happy! Particular highlights have been Umbrella by Rihanna (remember how good that song was?!) and Crazy in Love! Never too early in the day for a booty shake...

So anyway, so far it's all going pretty well. I'm filling my month with lots of nice, smiley things and I'm finding that it's really making me look at this month so fondly and then I pass on that positive energy to the people around me.

How are you finding January? Done any lovely, exciting things? Know of anything fun to do in Manchester? I'd love some recommendations! 

Lots of love, 
Sophia xxxx

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