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Small, happy and obsessing over instagram! #1

 I love instagram, completely, utterly in every way.  If instragram was a guy, I have fallen hard.  It's a love that is long lasting and continues to grow.  I love gaining these little windows into people's lives.  I love that I can see pictures from my own friends interspersed with celebrities and bloggers everywhere.  As a travel lover I use it to seek out new places (and the restaurants in them!) as a healthy foodie I follow food blogs and read their recipes and as a  general nosy lady I follow as many lifestyle blogs as I can.

So I thought I'd do a series about my favourite instagrams, in the hopes that you'll discover some new ones maybe and that you'll give me ideas of who else to follow too (as if I need more!)

To kick off, my first post is my favourite bloggers' instagrams.  These five lovely ladies all run very successful and beautiful blogs and these instagrams are a wonderful extension and addition of those, an extra slice while we're waiting for the next delicious blog post morsel.


I think we all know Carrie, her beautiful jet setting lifestyle, lovely fashion posts and cute little trinkets that she posts blow me away.  If you read her blog you'll know how gorgeous her photos are, so if you read her blog but you don't follow her, change that now!


Nicole's blog and the photography has some of the most beautiful photos I have EVER seen.  Her outfits are lovely but I'm more of a wanderluster than a fashionista and the backdrops of her outfit posts are absolutely breathtaking.  She's in Paris, Hong Kong, New York, you name it, she's been there and posted some exquisite pictures of it.  I can't use anymore amazing adjectives to inspire you to follow her.  Simply stunning.  Instagram was made for accounts like this.


Or in other words, the instagram of the world's best looking family and yes I'm including the Pitt-Jolie clan when I say this.  Cara posts the most stunning outfit posts that even I stop and take notice and she also includes the fashion of her husband and their two beautiful boys.  Everything about her photos and her blog posts are perfection and I'm sorry but surely her HAIR is reason in itself to follow her?  I mean seriously, I have never seen more princess worthy, beautiful hair.  #inlove


I love Olivia.  I love her blog, her bakes, her fashion posts, her gorgeous Paris posts and I love seeing even more of that on her instagram.  I love seeing her lifestyle posts ,I'm a sucker for any cute stationery, macarons, flowers or food photos you see and Olivia's instagram has plenty!


Aaaah Lauren Conrad.  I've lover her since her "I want to forgive you and I want to forgot you!" dramatic day on The Hills but she is quite a different woman nowadays.  Her blog is fantastic with fitness, wedding, lifestyle, bookclub, beauty, DIY posts and her photography is simply some of the best on instagram.  She is a very smart but fun and girly business woman and her instagram gives a more personal side to the blog and Lauren's life herself.  Gorgeous photos and she famously denies which instagram filter she uses, which really only makes me stalk her photos more!

There will be more posts like this to come, my instagram following rises daily but if you'd like to have a snoop at my photos or simply see who else I'm following here's my account: @sophiacristina

Who do you love to follow?  Tell me please please please!

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