Small, happy and believing in fairies and magic...THE DISNEY TAG

1. Favourite Disney Film?
Ugh, well this is too hard, for an all rounder favourite I feel like I have to say Aladdin however Little Mermaid, Tangled, Frozen, Lion King are all up there too!

2. Favourite Disney Character?
Trying to stick with the original classics, Daisy Duck is my fave.  She's so glam and she rocks a bow.  In terms of the movies, I love the Genie, a lot.

3. Favourite Disney Princess?
Jasmine, 100%, easy question.  She is beyond gorgeous, has a strong mind, pretty amazing hair (although what princess doesn't?) but to top it all off her palace is pretty perfect and she has Aladdin and a PET TIGER.  I feel like the last reason tops it all.

4. Rather be Aurora or Cinderella?
I would definitely rather be Aurora.  Who wouldn't want three beautiful fairies looking after them?  Also I love me a bit of Prince Phillip!

5. Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?
I'd rather be Hercules, because hello?  He's a Greek god!  I love anything to do with Greek mythology so definitely a Hercules fan.

6. Rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?
Lizzie McGuire!  I related to her so much growing up (the episode where she gets her first bra?  Totally was my life!)  but I want Raven Baxter as my BFF because she was just too cool and she had her head screwed on right so she'd give good advice too.

7. Favourite Disney song?
Pretty much the whole Lion King soundtrack.

8. Which Disney character would be your best friend?
I'd love to have Flynn Rider ;)  just friends, honest.

9. Which Disney character would be your pet?
I want Rajah please, a mini Raja, I love tiger cubs, so cute.

10. Have you ever been to Disneyland?
 I have been lucky enough to go to Disneyland Florida, Paris and Hong Kong.  The next dream?  Disney Tokyo! 

I could talk and talk about Disney all day, and read it about it too having said that so if you've done this tag please comment so I can read!



  1. Love your answers - I totally agree about Lizzie McGuire! Ooh, you've been to so many Disneylands, you lucky one! :) xxx

  2. I loved Lizzie McGuire too! xx

  3. I am lucky Lauren, my friend though had an annual pass, she literally went every month, amazing!

    So do I Jennie, I just feel like they don't make characters like that anymore! Hilary Duff is the bomb. xxxx


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