Small and happy's Disney Friday: Cinderella review!

I am on cloud nine. A Disneyfied, magical, romantic cloud.

In case this isn't clear enough, I have just seen Cinderella and loved every. single. minute.

It was the perfect fairy tale adaptation, there was not one tiny bit I would have changed. It was perfectly cast (with Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter having the star turns), perfectly shot and perfectly staged.

To quote another Disney lady you might say it was 'practically perfect in every way'.

Lily James (of Downton Abbey fame) took the lead role and did a wonderful job of making Cinderella so positive and happy and princessy but not too sugary sweet and Richard Madden made a lovely modern but also dashingly handsome and traditional prince. They always had really great chemistry, I really believed them as a couple. This is rare for fairy stories when the couples meet so little and then proclaim to be madly in love but it totally worked for me this time.

In terms of the story, it was the one we all know and love but with a few little tweaks along the way so that it didn't seem too play by play and predictable. I was gripped and interested right from the get go. The Frozen short they showed beforehand definitely could have helped....

Now onto the costumes, they were just phenomenal! Cate Blanchett's deliciously evil step mother had equally fabulous outfits and looked fantastic in every scene. If I didn't believe that clothes could reflect character I do now! With Cinderella THE dress itself for the ball was absolutely stunning and I swear I could hear several gasps and awwws in the cinema when she twirled in it! 

The staging and production was all brilliant and I really felt like I was watching an epic, magical fairytale unfolding in front of my eyes. It was mesmerising and I couldn't imagine how a little girl would have felt watching this movie! Every single scene was absolute stunning, the castle in particular and the whole ball scene was a feast for the eyes!

Don't get watching this expecting anything avant garde or different like Into the Woods or Maleficent, this is Disney at its best, through and through and it is an instant classic. It was heartwarming, funny, romantic, inspiring and it just filled me, my mum and sister's hearts with joy and gushy feelings!

I'm already wanting to go and see it again!

Sophia :) xxxxx


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