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Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Hello lovelies! 

A nice little romantic Disney Friday picture this week seeing as we are on the cusp of Valentine's weekend. Plus I adore Donald and Daisy so anything that includes them is a-Okay by me!

It's Friday! Have we all had good weeks? Mine has been a bit crazy to say the least, it's assessment week in school so it's been a lot of marking, looking at data and late nights! But as of 3.15 today I will be done! Lol jk, the kids will be done..I will be filing and marking and planning until boyfriend picks me up at 6! 

I am still very grateful for this break though as I know it is a unique one to my profession so I am grabbing this opportunity with both hands (and feet, and everything else!)

I am currently drafting this at just gone 6am having been up since 5.30. Why you may ask?! Well boyfriend is away and I've had to be home alone in the flat for the first time. I like to think I am a well put together adult but truth is I did not like the idea of sleeping alone. Also as we use his alarm (I always, always sleep with my phone off) I was panicking I wouldn't get up! So my body did that usual thing of knowing you need to get up so you wake up incredibly early! Anyone else ever do that?

Anyway, none of that will bring my mood down because it is Friday and I can't wait  to start the day, smash it and enjoy the weekend!! #pumped #deliriouslytired

What are you up to? Any special Valentine's plans for the weekend? Are you envisaging a crazy Friday 13th?! What's been the highlight of your week?

Sophia x

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

This week I have to share the beautiful Ariel for my Disney Friday purely because for the majority of the week I have been feeling her pain as I have had literally no voice! I'm still husky now but I'm hopeful that a weekend of resting my voice(ish) will help!

As you can imagine in the my line of work your voice is pretty invaluable so I have been struggling I will admit! 

Anyway, the final week of January is done! This means I will be needing to do a joyful January round up pretty soon. Can't believe how the time's flown. Roll on Spring and lighter days I say!

So for Disney Friday today I am asking, do you like Ariel? I personally do, if not for hair reasons alone! But she gets a lot of hate I find from these mega Disney fans, people saying she threw her life away and changed everything for a man and all that and I get it! However, she already wanted the human life or a least a taste of it and surely Eric was just another reason why she was so desperate to explore that world?

I think people who debate this on tumblr and what not get a bit too into it and I say it's a kids' film I wouldn't look to a mermaid as a benchmark for perfect life choices but what do you think? Is she a favourite or least favourite princess of yours? Who do you like best? My personal fave is Jasmine, can't see that changing anytime soon!

Happy FriYAY!! 

Sophia :) xxx 
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