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Small, happy and currently...

Well hello there one and all, it's the weekend! I have basically given myself today off and I am currently on my second movie of the day (Crazy, Stupid love featuring the gift from heaven that is Ryan Gosling) and it made me want to write another 'currently' post because I love them and love reading other people's so if you do these please share yours! 

Booking: flights to New York! We found the most incredible deal on sta travel last night (£364 RETURN!) and decided to get our summer American adventure started! We aren't quite sure of our route yet but we're hoping to tick off some new places and that I can revisit the happiest place on earth while I'm at it!!

Reading: Mindy Kaling's Why not me? I just love her writing style and she really makes me laugh out loud. I just hear her voice as I'm reading and her second collection of essays is just as good as the first! 

Cooking: Everything with a spiralizer, still obsessed!

Watching: Parks and Rec! Now the boyfriend is loving it too, it's so nice to share the fun with someone.

Planning: lots of catch ups with people, this is one resolution that's going pretty wel! :)

Feeling: this cold snap! Either snow enough so that we get a snow day or don't snow at all, simple really Mother Nature.

Hoping: that Leo finally gets his Oscar! I haven't seen The Revenant yet but I think he deserves it purely for contribution to cinema! (Yes, I realise that sadly it does not work like this)

Feeling: like time is already flying by, this just seems to be the theme of my mid 20s so I might as well just enjoy it!

How are you all doing? Anything you're watching or reading that you want to share? 

Happy Sunday!


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