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Small, happy and rounding up #fabulousfebruary

Another month done! I knew February was going to a short one but this just takes the biscuit!

I hope your February was lovely and filled with lots of fun, happy things! Here are a few of the highlights I was lucky enough to have in #fabulousfebruary:

*One of my best uni friends coming to stay with me. It was so, so lovely to catch up and spend some time together. We went shopping, to the cinema and spent far too much in the Selfridges food hall! Doesn't everyone need raspberry balsamic vinegar?!

*Catching up with my fellow teacher pals. A lovely lunch together with some delicious healthy food. We spent the whole time chatting and getting excited for Charlotte's hen do in May!

*A nice little Disney afternoon. I had some time to myself to watch Beauty and the Beast while doing some work. This wasn't exactly a huge, special day or anything but taking some me time was a real highlight of a really busy month!

*Time at home in Sheffield, making pancakes and hanging out! It was really fab to get some time at home and making my sister some healthier pancakes was a really fun activity and it was great to do something different together. Anything we do together is just so fun and I treasure my time with her so much.

*A snap of the gorgeous, healthy lunch I had with my friends. That's squash not wine by the way, yes we're that sensible! But when the hen do comes that'll be a different story I am sure...

*Photobooth fun at All Star Lanes in Manchester. Still happy to kiss him even though he completely whooped my behind at bowling!

*The adorable Valentine's card boyfriend gave me. I love Daisy Duck (she's my absolutely favourite!) and knowing that he thought this was the perfect card and it was.

*An amazing card I spotted in the Trafford centre, IT HAS MY NAME ON! This never happens! I didn't buy it obviously because well, who buys their own birthday cards?! 

*Victoria's Secret splurges. The wishlist continues to grow...

*Seeing The Lion King! It was amazing! It already feels like months ago but it was such a vibrant, exciting show and it only served to strengthen my Disney obsession!!

*Delicious froyo. Just because a month that has froyo in, is a wonderful, wonderful month!

So those were just a few things that made February a lovely month! What were some of your highlights? Let me know! 

Sophia :)


Small and 10 happy things! #4

Another week over and it's my job again to round up the happy things that have made this week special. February is looking mighty fine so far, especially if the photo below is anything to go by. I slightly struggled writing this purely because time is going so fast it seems like Friday is coming too fast for anything else to have happened! But we are :)

1// This absolutely beautiful sunrise on my way into work. As the saying goes red sky in the morning shepherds' warning and that was all too prophetic given some of the dramatic events in school that day. It was definitely a dangerous beauty this sunrise!

2// A brilliant Zumba class. It's always good to shake it off! It was wonderful to enjoy it at full strength after being poorly the week before!

3// My class doing some amazing weather reports for our topic on Brazil! They all loved getting into the role of the newsreader and it made me laugh so much. The pronunciations of some of the cities were priceless! 

4// A little Boots haul on Tuesday. I managed to be back in Altrincham town centre in time to quickly pop to Boots and pick up all the essentials, plus some non essentials too! My Barry M collection is growing by the week...

5// Lovely phone calls with two of my best friends. All of us living in different places and doing different things can mean that time just flies by without us catching up. It seemed to take us ages to find a time to chat but it was so worth it! An hour and a half on the phone discussing all the important matters of birthdays plans, life and of course, Bruce Jenner's apparent sex change (!) made for an unbeatable Tuesday evening! 

6// New issues of Cosmo and Glamour!  I am currently lying on my bed with both magazines and a mug of a green tea. If that's not perfect moment I don't know what is!

7// A visit from the 'in laws'. My boyfriend's parents came to visit yesterday and it was lovely to catch up with them. It's really nice that I feel so comfortable with them plus it's always nice to hear about how things are going back home!

8// Finishing another 24 season! I'm rewatching all the 24 series with Boyfriend and I'm loving experiencing it through his eyes as he watches it for the first time. All of the twists and turns have completely thrown him it's been hilarious!

9// Finally going bowling! We went to All Star Lanes in Manchester and it was fab. Not cheesy and tacky like the bowling alleys of my youth at all! It felt like a little piece of America as it was so authentic, with bowling pins displayed and the old school signs and what not. I totally lost though so my pride has taken a bit of bit this week..

10// Having a lie in finally! I've not been sleeping so well and this morning I managed to sleep in past the Sun rising! This is a huge deal as for most of the week I've been up before 6 (yes really!) so I was thrilled! 

What's made you happy this week? Seen any beautiful sunrises yourself? 

Sophia :)
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