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Small and happy's 5 happy things this week!

So firstly, check out this sunset?! This was on Friday and it was more than a little beautiful, reminds me of the sunsets in the Philippines. 

Now, I was kind of glad to see the back of this week if I'm honest purely because work was so full on and I had general PMS pains (ladies you feel me!) but despite that there are always, always good things to take from every week so here's 5 things that made me smile.

1) My mum staying with us. She's been attending a big conference here in Manchester so each evening I've been able to see her which has been lovely.

2) Messages from my sister in New York. It's amazing to hear all about what she's been up to and experience it all through her! Slightly jealous of her NYC haul though, not going to lie!

3) Once Upon A Time. I'm so obsessed with it and I am currently on the fourth episode of the day!

4) Movie nights. Boyfriend suggested we watch Paddington and I was totally up for it! It was a lovely, happy and uplifting film and it was a nice change from The X  Files marathons we've been having (equally just as fun!)

5) A fun day of dress up at work. Being a teacher means there's a lot of themed days and on Friday we had to dress up as something to do with the airport, so I chose an air hostess! It was so fun and I loved being able to satisfy a little childhood dream...

I realise I usually do 10 happy things and I'm sure there's more but I have a hormone headache and I'm too engrossed in Netflix to think of anymore! #realblogger

How are your Sundays going my lovelies? Any want to link me to some good blog posts??

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small and happy's top 5 childhood tv shows!

My top 5 childhood tv shows!

I got thinking the other day about my favourite shows from when I was younger. The kind of shows that when I rewatch them now they remind me of so many happy times when I was younger and still bring me joy today. I love with the power of youtube we can still enjoy our old favourites. From watching videos like Pokemon and the like and seeing the thousands of views I know I'm not the only one who loves revisiting childhood shows so I thought I'd try and list my top 5 and ask you what all of your faves were! 

1// Sailor Moon

I absolutely loved this show. My sister and I used to set alarms to catch this in the half term break because that was the only time they showed it! If you haven't heard of this it's an anime show about these girls who all have secret alter egos that fight crime. They each represent a planet, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars etc and they all come together to fight the forces of evil. They are led by Sailor Moon whose real life persona is Serena and she is the clumsiest, whingiest (yes I know this is not a word) girl ever! So it makes for some hilarity along the way. There's also romance, adorable cats and some gorgeous animation. I haven't ventured far into the world of anime but if it's all as amazing as this I'm missing out! So any recommendations let me know!


Obsessed doesn't cover it. When I young and the Pokemon craze first hit I had the cards, the books, watched the show, played the games, everything. It's hard to remember now just how into it all I (and the whole world!) was. But I seriously loved following Ash and his pals and loved learning about all the different Pokemon and their evolutions etc. I also loved his friend Misty and her water Pokemon and pre teen Sophia also had a little soft spot for Brock, this May or not may have been a little crush..I was too young to be sure!

3// Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I still totally watch this now all the time. I think every girl out there wants to be a witch no? Before I dreamt of being Hermione, it was Sabrina's life I wanted. Living with two fun aunts, in a lovely, old house, magical powers and a nice selection of hot boyfriends and quirky friends. Harvey, Josh, Harvey, Josh, I definitely torn for a while! Plus, whenever she used to just point her finger and change her outfit or where she was that was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I just loved the humour and the fun of this show and I thought Melissa Joan Hart was the bees knees!

4//Two of a Kind

My Mary-Kate and Ashley obsession has been long lasting and this short lived show (only one season was made?!) was one of my favourites growing up and I still watch reruns whenever I can find them on youtube or the like! It follows the Olsens when they're about 10 years olds and their antics with their college professor, kind of uptight Dad and their carefree, young nanny. Even when watching the show as an adult I genuinely find it funny and the humour is a lot sharper (and more adult in some places!) than a lot of 'kids shows'. I really enjoyed this as a child like all of their other tv shows and movies. I just wanted to be an Olsen, okay?!

5//Lizzie McGuire 

Oh Lizzie. A girl after my own heart. I thought this show was so original. I loved the cartoon Lizzie that just blurted out everything she was feeling, I think we all need one of those when we're teenagers! I loved watching this as I was nearing my teen years and watching her navigate friend, family and boy problems was a real help to me. The episode where she goes bra shopping anyone?! Disney used to really address some important issues in a sensible, helpful and always heart warming and funny way and I feel so lucky to have been in my generation to enjoy it at its best! I also loved hers and Gordo's relationship, I remember chatting for hours with my besties about the latest developments in their friendship! Aaah the early days of shipping!

So those were some of my favourite tv shows when I was growing up. To be honest the beauty of these is that I could watch any of them now and still enjoy them, and I do! What were your favourite shows? Do you still watch shows from your childhood now?

Lots of love

Sophia :) xxx
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