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Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy weekend one and all!

Today's picture is from the Disney store in Rome!

I'm off there on Sunday and shall be making this one of my key stops alongside the colosseum and Vatican! I love the Roman theme and I'm very excited to see the merchandise. I wonder if Italy has been hit with Frozen fever too!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Rome before? If you have, any tips?!

Have a gorgeous weekend whatever you do,

Lots of love,

Sophia :) 

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

This week I have to share the beautiful Ariel for my Disney Friday purely because for the majority of the week I have been feeling her pain as I have had literally no voice! I'm still husky now but I'm hopeful that a weekend of resting my voice(ish) will help!

As you can imagine in the my line of work your voice is pretty invaluable so I have been struggling I will admit! 

Anyway, the final week of January is done! This means I will be needing to do a joyful January round up pretty soon. Can't believe how the time's flown. Roll on Spring and lighter days I say!

So for Disney Friday today I am asking, do you like Ariel? I personally do, if not for hair reasons alone! But she gets a lot of hate I find from these mega Disney fans, people saying she threw her life away and changed everything for a man and all that and I get it! However, she already wanted the human life or a least a taste of it and surely Eric was just another reason why she was so desperate to explore that world?

I think people who debate this on tumblr and what not get a bit too into it and I say it's a kids' film I wouldn't look to a mermaid as a benchmark for perfect life choices but what do you think? Is she a favourite or least favourite princess of yours? Who do you like best? My personal fave is Jasmine, can't see that changing anytime soon!

Happy FriYAY!! 

Sophia :) xxx 

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday first of all! would also like to say thank you Tesco for topping off a lovely week with these beautiful recyclable shopper bags! 

I feel like everyone would be happier if they carried their shopping in one of these babies don't you? 

How have all your weeks been? Mine has been good but busssyyyyyy though it does feel like January is flying! 

What are you up to this weekend? I for one feel like a Disney movie this weekend. Aladdin was on tv last week and it really got me in the mood again for a proper Disney binge! I'm thinking maybe Little mermaid or even going down the Pixar route with Wall E. I watched it for the first time over Christmas and was blown away,it was beautiful! 

Anyone else only just gotten round to seeing certain Disney movies? Is there anyone out there who's still not seen Frozen? Do you have a favourite underrated Disney movie?

Okay, I'm going stop now but when it comes to this topic I can just keep harping on and on and on ha!

Lots of love, happy FriYAY! 

Sophia x

Small, happy and having an OAP weekend! #Halloweenrecovery

Yay, Halloween! Can you believe it was already more than a week ago? I feel so behind the times posting about it now but I hope you had a good All Hallows' Eve anyway, and that the hangovers are but a distant, painful memory. I for one spent last Saturday lying on the sofa feeling like the undead, so quite apt I guess given the spooky occasion the night before. Unfortunately, I could not head for an early snooze as I had to stay up to go to my ultimate bff's birthday meal which was not until 9.45! PM! Who do you we think we are eating at this time? Do we think we're on the continent?! Anyway, I say BFF because by the way I was feeling there was absolutely no way I would have left the house for anyone less important. For real.

For us Halloween night turned into to a huge catch up, drinking games, far too much vodka jelly, singing sessions (I do believe the entire Frozen soundtrack was performed as a one woman show by yours truly) and I must admit it felt so good when the birthday girl said 'shall we just stay here?' To be fair it was easily half 12 at this point and we probably wouldn't have gotten any kind of taxi to the city centre, but still. So we stayed up chatting, real adult chats like our future children's names, marriage, hen dos etc etc. We are all aware that we are not yet engaged but seeing as we are all in very long term relationships it seems fine to discuss these tres important matters to our girly hearts' content. I don't know if our boyfriends (who were all there mind you) felt the same but hey ho!

I have decided that I do like playing the host. I think it suits my personality well, I feel awkward not wanting to overstep my place in other people's spaces as I can be a bit of a Take-Over Tilly plus I like I am very maternal and love doing things for other people so all in all it suits me very well.

However, I must admit, it also feels nice when you get your space back, the make up can come off, the pjs can be very much on (lucky boyfriend, I know) and you can truly just be in your space. Bliss.

That's exactly what this weekend is going to be, we're planning on doing a lot of cooking, a lot of X factor watching (staple winter telly) and a whole lot of nothing else. I played at being a teenager again last week and I think this weekend I'm more than happy pretending I'm an OAP, snuggling up and going to bed very early.

Anyone else with me? Anyone else love just love slobbing out after a heavy one or are you all party animals every weekend?! Go on, make me feel bad!

Sophia x

Small and happy, Disney Friday! #1

peter and wendy <3


I'm a massive Disney fan. I always have been and I feel like this love is only growing with age.  Throughout school, university, any bad times, Disney has always been something that has boosted me and kept me going. Now, another thing that makes me very pleased is when the weekend rolls around and I really hope you've all had a good one.  Just in case you haven't and seeing as it's Friday (and we all deserve to be happy on a Friday) I'd thought I'd share some cheery, Disney pictures to kick off our weekends, because let's face it, it's impossible to be even the tiniest bit blue when you're faced with Disney magic and smiling kiddes.  Unless you're made of stone of course, in which way, you're probably best leaving right now...(crosses fingers and hopes blog followers don't dramatically plummet).

What do you have planned for this weekend then?  Anymore Disney nuts outs there?

Sophia x

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